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Home Garden LuluHome Garden Lulu is a cozy simulator games in the style of cottagecore and goblincore

In this cute games you can create a beautiful greenhouse with frog, rare flower, plant and grow your garden. Enjoy and play flower garden games, aesthetic games, calming games, relaxing games, nature games, satisfying games, chill games, kawaii game. Create a tree world.

In the cute games you can:

Find out the history of each frog
Play mini-games and enjoy calm song
Perform unique achievements
Open new rooms in the greenhouse and decorate terrarium
Unpacking room decor, creating a cozy home design, grow your garden, kawaii design
Grow +200 flower garden, enjoy calming games, relaxing games, satisfying games, chill games. Create a tree world.

The most beautiful items in the game can be obtained for free! Complete daily tasks and achievements (“Collection” section) and get unique interior items Become the plant finder in this aesthetic games!

Turn your greenhouse into a cute and beloved home for frog by decorating the interior with beautiful objects


In the greenhouse you can grow a lot of rare plant The more flower in your terrarium, the bigger your herbarium book becomes, where you can learn tips on plant care. Each flower garden gives 15 coins every 12 hours. Unpacking room decor, creating a cozy garden design, kawaii home design, cute design. You can discover more than 200 unique plant and seed in the game. Frog Bart likes to relax in the greenhouse

Become a plant finder and play garden games watching the terrarium in this gardening aesthetic games and calming games.

Coffee shop

All the frog in your greenhouse love warm and cozy coffee. Delight the frog with your wonderful drinks! New recipes are given for completing daily tasks! Unpacking cute cafe room decor and practicing to create the best home design, flower garden design. Create a tree world.

Keep order in the house of Lulu the frog

Lulu the frog loves fish in his gardening very much, but sometimes garbage gets into the lake. Take care of the fish and nature in Lulu’s garden Unique decorations can be obtained for completing daily tasks. Plant finder have fun at lulu house gardening, opening seed and grow flower garden, enjoying calming games and relaxing games, aesthetic games, chill games.

Open your Flower Shop in cute games

In your small but cozy flower shop you can grow and collect bouquets to your liking. You can grow many wonderful flower: roses, cornflowers, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, lavender, carnations In the Flower Shop you can create the perfect home design, grow your garden, kawaii design, unpacking room decor.

Grow flower and play nature games

In the cute greenhouse you will be able to follow the evolution of plants and get acquainted with a lot of amazing flowers Flower, like little tamagotchi, love attention and care, take care of them, and they will surely give you a small reward Do not forget to water the flowers with water, then there will be more oxygen and clean air in your terrarium! Gardening players enjoy calming games and satisfying games, utilizing a plant finder as a valuable tool to enhance their experience in a nature games.

Arrange film screenings and play garden games on an old vintage slot machine

In the recreation room, you can arrange film screenings for frog, as well as receive awards for achievements in vintage slot games

Home Garden Lulu is a free cute games, but some game elements, such as increased revenue and in-game currency, can be purchased for real money.

Contact us:

Instagram/Twitter/Tik Tok: @alteniagame
Official site: alteniagame.com

You will like this game if you like: unpacking room decor, cute games, frog, kawaii plant, garden games, create home design, flower garden design, aesthetic games, terrarium, calming games, relaxing games, nature games, chill games,grow your garden,tree world.

Home Garden Lulu user reviews :

I keep on encountering a small problem while playing. It is about the “watch news” achievement. I do not understand how to complete it! I tried watching the ads after a movie screening in the relaxation room, tried to tap on the tv hoping that something will happen, even searched the other areas for any hints that would help me complete the said achievement. It looks like nothing would work and I don’t know if it is a problem from the game or if I am doing something wrong.

  • Hi! News can be viewed in the coin purchases tab. There’s a newspaper icon there.

i just recently started playing the game, and its absolutely gorgeous! :) my favourite thing about it is the art style and color palette of everything, but i personally have an issue with the milkshake mini game: at the part where you have to tilt the phone to get the right shake, my game doesn’t work at all and the bar just slides to the edge. it would be helpful to get that fixed

  • Hi! We are sorry that the cocktail game does not work correctly on your phone. We will try to come up with something and fix this problem!

This game has a very beautiful and pleasing to look at design with a lot of customizable options. It doesn’t require a lot of your time and I like the addition of lines when you click the characters. It gives it personality and it feels less “empty”. It’s easy to play and interact with the game. Also I just changed my phone and I’ve lost all my progress, it would’ve been great if the game connected to play games app and then we would be able to save data there.

  • Hi! Thank you for your new review!

The new update and UI is great ! It is a pleasure to finally be able to continue the cute storyline and fill the album :) However, we can’t see anymore which item will be replaced in the scene by the one we want to buy. So it would be awesome if you’d be able to bring the preview back. Anyway, keep up the good work Home Garden Team, we appreciate deeply your cozy game

  • Thank you very much for your review Preview will be back, don’t worry!

So cute and relaxing but the pond game keeps glitching. Doesn’t move on sometimes when there’s nothing else to clean up and if it doesn’t glitch and I choose to watch a video to “recycle”, it just goes back to the pond with nothing to clean up. Update: Now it’s happening with other ads, no x button to get out of them so I lose out on the coins. There’s no way to get out of the ads so I have to close the game completely and reopen it to continue playing

  • Hi! We’ve released a new update with bug fixes and a new sakura mini-game

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