Meow Bistro – At your own small and cute bistro

[Game] Meow Bistro

Meow BistroHello Boss, Meow!
Welcome to “Meow Bistro”, meow!

In this game, you buy ingredients at the dawn market,
create dishes with these ingredients at your bistro,
and sell them to earn money, meow!

Buy fresh ingredients at the best prices, turn them into dishes, and sell them to customers to earn money, meow!

At your own small and cute bistro:

In the morning, check out the fresh ingredients on sale at the “Market” and buy them wisely, meow.
Prepare the bistro opening by turning the purchased ingredients into “Dishes”, meow.
Once business starts, sell your dishes to as many customers as possible to earn money, meow!
Use the money earned to upgrade your bistro, market, and working cats, meow!

Manage your own small and cute bistro well and become rich, meow!

Starting today, you’re the boss of Mew Bistro

Meow Bistro user reviews :

I love this game, but the bugs and glitches ruined it, I was playing when the (the is no add available for now)bottom randomly turns black and unclickable so I have to completely get out of the game.Then when I returned to the game (it was one day from 20 ~ 29 I can’t remember which day exactly) I couldn’t even enter cause the play button does not work.pls fix it. Another thing, I this some prices in the upgrade section are unnecessary high :) , thank you for your time.

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I love the game’s concept but when I started playing it I encounter a bug already, some sort of glitching when the cat moves. Also after I purchased all the ingredients in the market and told me to go back to the bistro, the button that I believe should appear doesn’t show up, unabling me to continue the game. Hope it’ll get fix as soon as possible. I’ll be trying the game again once everything is normal.

After the update the game is working now. Ads are mostly optional and the few ads that do pop-up before some days can be skipped immediately so that’s great. Gameplay is fine, a little slow so not for everyone. Upgraded are expensive so you’ll be grinding for money. Some advice, don’t upgrade until you buy food for the day. If you upgrade first you won’t have money to buy food and you’ll be stuck until you can watch an ad for money which is every 15 minutes.

Absolutely wonderful, if not the cutest game I’ve played in a while. There’s an actual progression, the art style is adorable and nice (especially the colour pallete), and honestly the ads are only there if you get a reward for watching it. No ads, good game, a recommendation for everyone who wants to sit down and relax playing this.

It’s so fun to play. However, I wish the game would tell the player how much food left (maybe a display) instead on displaying it for few seconds after opening the bistro. This way we know how much customer we can serve. Sometimes I forgot there is no food left for the customers. Hope you will improve the game! It has so much potential!

Finally not a hardcore game like other games made by QuickTurtle, just a knockoff of WorkeMon but very lenient toward players. One bug I did catch is that when you press claim quest reward and press close before the cat dialogue or the coins appeared, you are not going to receive anything. Cheers!

Why the ads suddenly always pops out??? Before it’s not like this. You get ads when you want it, like i want double money and free ingredients. It’s great, I’m okay with that. But gosh darn. You get ads you want close and open the apps. You always get ads when you want to even start the bistro. What even is this ads

This is the first game I’ve ever played that I’ve actually wanted to play. It does take awhile to upgrade but I still like the game through and the cooking ingredients you can make. Although, hearing the meow sounds can be a bit tiring but still cute Lol.

Wonderful game, it’s been absolutely great, and for the first time ever, I’ve never been reluctant to click on an ad. However I have one critique and one suggestion. I wish the pop ups asking for you to pay would appear far less often And I wish there was a “collect all” button for the cookbook and quest pages.

It’s a wonderful game with an 8-bit style. So cute and hoping there’s fast forward to speed up. Also could have expandable Baristo with staff to help the cat. Thankfully, it can be played offline. Very entertaining and enjoyable.

Such an adorable game ☺️☺️ I looove the art style and the animation so much! And I love that almost all of the characters are fantasy species like elves and orcs. I like that we have to buy the ingredients to make into something cool rather than just selling the food with no depth, but this is a cute simple game without being boring!

Pretty good but I have a small suggestion; maybe make it darker outside at the end of a day, it’d make more sense and also be aesthetically pleasing. edit: also, make the raw ingredients of a dish on the left, and the results of cooking it on the left

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