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[Game] Mega Store – Idle Tycoon Shop

Mega StoreThe Mega Idle Shopping Tycoon is here!

An Idle Shopping Game, with a STORY? You mean a STORY in an Incremental Idle Tycoon Type Game?
Yes! Your’e reading it right! You guys have asked for it, and we’ve delivered it (haven’t seen that coming aren’t you? =) ).

It’s time to get into Shopping Business,and become a Shopping Tycoon! Start with a mini store(where you do pretty much everything by yourself), and turn it into a Mega Shop! Invest your first hard earned money into better products, improve your store, hire workers and the most important, keep your customers happy!
Make strategic decisions, like arranging your store to keep customers flow smooth. Avoid long waits and keep your store clean! Decorating your shop will improve customers mood too! =)
Discover new mechanics while advancing in the story! Meet and interact with different characters, and use their help to make the best store in the town!


Casual and Relaxing One Handed Idle Gameplay
Play with Friends! Attack their stores!
Various Stores like Clothing, Grocery, Electronics, Jewelry
Customize your own Character, own Pets!
Unfold a Story full of secrets!
Amazing high-res visuals with funny physics!
Available in 14 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, and Turkish).

Please note! Mega Store Idle Tycoon Shop is Free To Play, though some in-game items can be purchased for real money!

Got Questions? Faced a bug? Or just want to say Hi? Don’t hesitate to us message at We do read every single one of them :) !



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Mega Store user reviews :

standard idle game but there’s two things that make it stand out. 1) you’re rewarded for watching Ads. Not the ‘touch this button and we’ll give you double income for watching an ad’. You get rewarded for every single ad you watch and it stacks so the more ads you watch, by choice or not, the better the rewards. Makes the ads a lot less painful 2) the characters have a round and bouncy appearance and pleasant to look at. Give it a shot

I had to reinstall the game on my new phone though I lost my data and I started all over again. The issue now is that the ads are not playing even with data connection or Wi-Fi. It’s really slowing down my progress and I already updated the latest version of the app. I will appreciate if this can be resolved soon, I really love this game and would have given five stars for it.

  • Hey! Restarting the game should fix this

This is one of the best tycoon game i played ngl, the quality, design, aesthetic of the game is 10/10 i rate the game 5 star because the ads is not annoying and not so force cause if you watch the ads its give you a reward and coins which no problem to me, please don’t change the game THIS IS A PERFECTION so i gave 5/5 star ps. keep it up to the developers of this game

A really simple and easy game.I love that it is a idle meaning I can leave it for 10 hrs and get rewards when I come back.There are no forced ads meaning you can also play online.I do wish rewards were easier to get but still a good experience.

A good Idle game for sure, no forced ads – something you can pick up and play if you are looking for something quick or if you’re wanting to sit down with it for more than that. Recently picked it back up again and pretty sure there have been some new features / additions since I first played – all of which I am liking. Keep up the good work devs!

Since the golden developer of the game came to visit me personally I will write this good review. There are zero forced ads in this game, but there are little floater boxes that sometimes get in the path of where you’re going to tap next and you may accidentally open an ad. But it’s ok. The game is cute, the character is customizable, and it is funny to watch them wobble around and bump into one another. Very nice graphics and design. Good job!

i love the game and i wish they ad some carts so the customers can take two foods or more to ad some more storage for the cart atleast needs some upgrades for it and i wish the foods are 3d too wishing that they ad more countrys so the player that been playing for a few days can go in more and other countries and the customers that are slapping wish can call the cops to arrest the bad customer thats all for now wishing all of this comes true

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