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iStory LiteAttention! Novel and Story Lovers!
iStory Lite , a romantic storytelling platform for story lovers all over the globe. Welcome aboard!

Why Choose iStory Lite
Massive Inventory: iStory lets you access a large number of free novels and fictions in this powerful ebook reader. Imagine yourself swimming in an ocean of free books, you may encounter stories of different categories: light novels, fantasy novels, historical novels, sci-fi novels, romance, horror, fanfiction and so on. Besides free web novels and fictions, iStory also provides unlimited and interesting comics for readers to enjoy. So, you can take your time to pick your favorite stories.

High-Quality Fictions: As a great ebook reader, iStory is well-received by fans all over the world. iStory is not only easy to use, but also provides free books, web novels and fictions with high-quality content for users. Users will be in for a treat when they start to search stories in iStory and popular light novels, stories and fictions are handpicked by our editors.

Powerful Library: Discover some interesting books and want to put them in one place so that you won’t need to search them in iStory next time? Then, we highly recommend the Library feature in iStory. Library is the user’s personal bookshelf, and if users encounter their favorite web novels and fictions in iStory, they can add them in iStory’s Library. In this way, users can easily find their favorite free books when they open this e-book reader app again.

Free to Download: Download free books in iStory and read novels and fictions offline without costing you any mobile data.

Custom-Tailor Your iStory: We’re bending over backwards to make iStory suit users’ reading preference and taste. Users are able to change the font size, page flip effect and decide to whether to set night mode according to their reading environment.

Awesome Features
-Download books in iStory and read web novels offline anytime any where.
-Your personal bookshelf won’t let you miss your favorite fictions.
-iStory allows readers to continue to read where they left off last time so that they won’t need to start off with page one when they open their favorite romance novels.
-Quick updates in novels. Not all free books in iStory are completed, you may find that the status of some books is “on-going”, but those fictions will be updated very soon as long as new chapters are released.

Want to kick back and relax after a day’s hard work? Then download iStory for free and immerse yourself in unlimited light and web novels in this wonderful e-book reader app. iStory is dedicated to providing free and high-quality novels and books for people who loving reading. Read free books online or offline as you want!

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iStory Lite user reviews :

Updated 25/6/23 – For some reason i no longer get any bonuses, with how expensive it is to purchase chapters, i will be deleting this app when i finish reading my completed book. Like most apps, good stories but very expensive to purchase chapters

Not credible, I downloaded this because of a Facebook ad. The story was listed as completed; however, it is clearly not. There is no way to give feedback as all the links on the app go nowhere. There wasn’t even an author listed for me to be able to contact. Very disappointed.

  • Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the late reply. Kindly tell us what book you’re looking for and we’ll try out best to help you. Sincerely yours, iStory Team

I need the bonus coins to read the story. So far there are a lot of grammatical errors and spelling errors. The story is ok, but the writing not so much. Most of these apps seem to have a lot of language errors.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback. Kindly contact us via service[at], and provide books that have grammatical errors. We’ll notify related authors and fix them as soon as possible. Sincerely yours, Reader Studio

Although you can only read so far until you have to either pay to read, or complete tasks for bonus points to read, the stories are excellent, and the chapters are a decent length, very impressed

very disappointing because the story for the first is very good in the first chapter when you reach 2nd chapter starts the grammar and spelling that you couldn’t understand whether purposely written in a bad manner ,the editor or the author are sleeping while writing or editing if you want your story that most people like it it and interest on it write it properly and you gain more money…..I’m just a reader but I’m looking those books that have good story and good quality .. ..

For once I’m reading a story that barely needs editing and a very interesting one! Once I’ve finished reading this one, I’ll be moving on to another.

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