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[Game] Idle Vegas Resort – Tycoon

Idle Vegas ResortBuild, upgrade, operate! Open your own casino and become a casino tycoon!

Come to Idle Vegas Resort now and become rich by building new rooms, upgrading equipment, and developing new games to attract a steady stream of guests!
Slots, black jack, Russian roulette, horse racing, bingo, baccarat… there are many cool casino games to manage here!

Game features:
Simple and easy to play! Just tap to upgrade your casino and become a casino tycoon!
Idle income is constant! Earn casino revenue even when you’re offline!
Develop target customers and market to them.
Participate in popular casino contests and come out on top!
Operate peripheral businesses such as cafeterias and turn your casino into a resort!
Full 3D graphics! Enhance your sense of immersion as a casino manager!

As the manager of Vegas Resort, you will also need to make many decisions to help grow the business. You will need to decide how to run effective marketing campaigns, target different types of customers, run different games and social media campaigns, and participate in various popular tournaments to increase the visibility of the casino. You also need to decide how to allocate your revenue and reinvest in the casino, you can choose to upgrade your equipment, upgrade your decoration or upgrade your staff training to serve your customers better to get the most out of your profits!
Also, this is a free to play placement game. Even if you are offline, your casino will continue to operate and your employees will continue to work to keep your business going.

What are you waiting for? Come download Idle Vegas Resort and play the amazing Idle Tycoon Game right now!

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Idle Vegas Resort user reviews :

Unplayable in the long term. Casino is divided up into parts like blackjack, slots, reception. To upgrade each to the next level you need to buy all upgrades including traditionally optional one that uses gems. They don’t give enough gems that you can freely upgrade so it pressured you to buy and spend money. The game isn’t good enough for people to do that. In the long run it’s a terrible pay to win because the balancing is broken. Either gem upgrades are optional or give more gems.

There a bug that cause you unable to complete daily mission, the set up or upgrade, i upgrade 2 places but it doesn’t work. Seem that only if you set up a new ground then it will. Pity, deleting the game as it no longer worth the effort

Love this game but stole my gems Great and somewhat nastalgic casino tycoon game really well done. Gems are required to continue, but the game is generous with gems. I lost about 700 gems total, once while trying to use coins for regular upgrades, and once while just opening the game and my hand was on the screen. The first gave me an unnecessary time skip and the other I have no idea what I received. Give me back my 700 gems and I will rate this game 5 stars

Fun game but I would suggest 2 improvements. 1. I would like the look of elements to change as I upgrade them. For example the sign at the entrance looks exactly the same at level 1 and at level 100. 2. I would like to know how long it takes to get full cash. It’s a guessing game and I feel like I’m losing lots of money because I don’t know how often to visit the game to get max. cash.

It was a decently fun game… Until I was so short on diamonds that it became pointless to log in more than once daily to collect 10 diamonds per day. When 200+ diamonds are needed for an upgrade, the game becomes more of a chore than it does a fun idle game. My patience has run thin, and I’m now uninstalling before maxing out the first casino. Sad.

The game I like it but when I watch a ad it closes the game and it tells me to send feedback or restart the game the Game has a bug I hope that could be fixed nice day. I got stuck it tells me to upgrade to level 2 and it doesn’t let me uninstalling the game to bad.

After you hit rank 3 it’s impossible to progress because you can’t win a bronze reward. Don’t waste your time.

good game. good gameplay. good graphics. kindly improve level upgrade more easily offline. kindly improve game progress offline. must have software for all income mindset people.

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