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[Game] Inariel Legends – Dragon Hunt

Inariel LegendsInariel Legend: Dragon Hunt is a fantasy-themed idle strategy card RPG that presents commanders with the adventure of Inariel continent and the Dragons in a beautiful and exquisite art style.

As the chaos power of Nidhogg gathers, can you lead the heroes of various factions on the Inariel continent to create your own legend as foretold in the prophecy? It’s time to face destiny!

Become a master strategist and crush enemies in real-time battles!

Command heroes in real-time battles. Whether it’s using ranger heroes to suppress individual enemies, relying on elemental heroes to unleash elemental bursts, or summoning minions to overwhelm enemies completely. Identify the weaknesses of enemies, flexibly choose from up to seven battle modes, and bring peace and prosperity to the land of Inariel!

Experience diverse gameplay and fun!

Recruit companions from various factions on the Inariel continent and freely explore every corner of the land. Meet companions, seal chaos dragons, participate in guild raids, or compete in the arena. Experience a rich variety of gameplay content. Commanders can either directly command on the battlefield or entrust heroes to auto-battle through levels. Grab your friends and experience the rich gameplay of the Inariel continent together!

Meet heroes with diverse personalities to embark on adventures together!

The technologically advanced I.T.U. Coalition, the magic-savvy Senlan College, the powerful Wilderness Tribe, the mysterious and dangerous Shadow Council… Collect powerful heroes from the seven major factions, unite heroes from different paths to fight against common enemies!

Easy cultivation for effortless battles and free to play friendly!

The auto-battle system not only works in battles but also auto progresses through levels, easily reaching the highest stages. Heroes share levels, making it effortless to develop them with the best equipment at the touch of a button. Get SSR heroes upon logging in for free. Still looking for a fun and relaxing idle adventure game? Dive into the new adventure world of Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt now!

Inariel Legends user reviews :

Game overall performance and graphics are ok. Installed it on my Chromebook and some of the items in the hub were cropped out because of the aspect ratio, otherwise, on my mobile device everything is visible. Gameplay is VERY boring: Level a character from a pool of ~30 heroes. Gear doesn’t have secondary stats. The only thing that stands out is the ability to move heroes away from enemy casted abilities, but even then it’s still pretty clunky. Eternal Evolution is still HK Heroes best game

I’ve had no issues with the game, personally. The graphics are great, gameplay is fun, and even the story seems more interesting. I’m liking the characters and the upgrade system. They keep things pretty simple, allowing the player to focus more on enjoying things, rather than spending all day navigating menus and chasing red dots.

Fun RPG with an interesting theme and fun voices as well as fun graphics. Interactive combat has a unique control (I’ve not seen it elsewhere) worth a try and free power-ups daily can boost your team, without insane grinding searches for the “majik impossible to find” element in many other games! Don’t hesitate try it this week.Solid Overall

Better than expected in terms of combat experience and things to do. The events could be better, though. Hopefully, the future banners have a way to get a copy of the banner hero for f2p. Part of the reason some people play games like this is for collection purposes.

So far, so good. a neat little hero collector. Has enough activities to keep you occupied. Very small roster, though. But I look forward to them adding more and unique characters.

I’m liking this game. Its fun. Great animation. Has cool characters. Different events. So far its great. Could use more female characters and less monster characters..

So far pretty good game. It’s like most rpgs. It’s not overly hard to progress like some games are where u get to a complete stop at a level even tho ur power is enough. It’s definitely worth trying out.

awesome graphics and easy to learn. gives option to auto and manual play. enjoyable to play and really cool character graphics. all in all fun.

I think you should wait to force more download content and give players more of a chance to look around…why? Bc the market is flooded with raid shadow legends type of games…I spent about 800 on RSL, and even though your characters are cute …im impatient to go through tutorials…played 3 minutes uninstalling.

So far, I’m really loving the game. Love the battles, the prizes, and the beautiful characters! Looking forward to playing more! Thanks!

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