Kinda Heroes – A tiny medieval village

[Game] Kinda Heroes – Legendary RPG, Rescue the Princess!

Kinda Heroes  Kinda Heroes is a classic medieval RPG made by one indie guy!

Welcome to Riverstone – a tiny medieval village in the middle of nowhere! This place hasn’t seen any heroes yet. Choose a character and begin your adventure! Upgrade combat and cooking skills, complete quests, rescue Woody and become a real hero!

The Steam Awards 2020 nominee: Outstanding Visual Style Award
Indie Cup S’20 nominee: Best Mobile Game
Game Development World Championship 2020 (GDWC) participant


Classic medieval RPG
Side View & Scroll gameplay
Tiny build size, no DLC
Offline gameplay, no Internet access is required
Exciting story
8 different heroes with unique combat style
Switch heroes at any time and use common inventory
Advanced mechanics based on movesets and timings
Craft and augmentation system
Tons of equipment
Unique skills
Various quests
Monsters and bosses, each with unique features and movesets

Android 5.0 and newer
2GB of RAM and more
90MB of disk space
AnTuTu Benchmark score 50.000 and more for smooth gameplay

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Kinda Heroes user reviews :

A standout gem! Beautiful visuals, loads of little details, deep character growth, tons of content, no paywall at all. A new staple of my mobile gaming. — I keep getting tripped by some UX snags that I’d love to see resolved. – show timer for woods/mines like for farms/stash – disable incomplete recipes instead of error on click (and show me what’s missing!) – show delta btwn skill levels so I know how *much* it changes. +5% or -1S, etc – why does Quests always have (!) – Controller support?

Sometimes skill was unresponsive when tap. Need an auto sort out option for items, potions and equipments. Evasion skill sucks better make it passive, long tap the evasion skill with chance of miss at the same time player also cant attack.. after all of it you wait your stamina to refill in order to make an attack. Thats all for now and I hope more content and add some cloud save option.

A few bugs and issues here and there. For example I bought Bull Head rare weapon with gems. It says it adds Heavy Smash skill. In skill page there is no Heavy Smash with it equipped. It’s a 5 star game because I haven’t had this much fun in a mobile game maybe ever! It doesn’t have any of the common annoyances like a barrage of special login events and sales popping up. There’s no restrictions due to energy or anything. The gear and food crafting and multiple classes are great. 10/10!
  • Kinda Heroes
  • Hi! Thank you for the feedback. We’ll check it.

it’s still a little early to say with adequacy how I feel about the game, but so far, it seems quite good. very detailed and it seems much more in depth than I had originally guessed it to be. I’m a little lost as to what I my exact mission is at the moment, but hopefully, I’ll gain more knowledge as I progress.

Fun game, asking for a review a bit early but so far so good :) fluid combat, crafting seems to have potential… I’d like to see the pick and axe be used automatically though, not having to equip them and then back to your weapon, but other than that, nothing to point out yet.
  • Kinda Heroes
  • Hi, you should complete location to get reward.
quiet rough at start of the game, but it start fun once it well upgraded, hope there will be an achievement and daily quest later for extra exp or gems, also drop item list and rate each stage would be great :)
  • Kinda Heroes
  • Thanks!

love the bards. a very creative way to ask for a review. made me smile, and as you can see, it worked. a charming little game so far

Could use a tutorial on how the world and town works but other than that, so far I’ve enjoyed it.

offline game its already a win…nice and cute graphics simple but hard to master.

Love the game nice classic rpg no stamina or auto battle thanks only one thing is I wish there was a cloud save function other than that awesome 5stars:)
  • Kinda Heroes
  • Thanks for your support!
almost perfect game loop but need a batter UI and items sorting in the inventory
  • Kinda Heroes
  • Thanks, I’ll try to add this.

Really nice game! Still on first map but only 2 spots left to conquer!! Like it a lot!

Nice game. Great experience. I liked the combat system.

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Game was removed from Play Store

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