The Demonized – Become the ruler

[Game] The Demonized – Idle RPG

The DemonizedThe Ultimate Pixel Action RPG!

Are you ready to beat the monsters who devoured the world and become the ruler?

High quality pixel art and thrilling graphics!
Rapid growth even when you are not playing!
Spectacular action with various attack and buff skills
Ample currency from item trading!

‘The Demonized’
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The Demonized user reviews :

The game is nothing too original, increase stats, purchase equipment, repeat, but what made it very bad for me was the UI. The interface is all over the place. Too many submenus and buttons that seem almost randomly positioned around the screen, so I kept forgetting where everything was. Keep it simple and tidy. Right now it feels like a mess. I think the game could benefit from a bunch less functions and some streamlining.

super fun game. I don’t write many reviews. I love the graphics, also love the skill visual. Just wish there was an upgrade all on every upgrade screen. Change from 5 stars to 2 because I bought the remove ads got charged but never go the item.

Fun and easy to waste some time on. I like the different concepts to this idle game that others haven’t done yet. After a few days, I noticed that it is pretty grindy as a lot of stuff costs quite a bit of the different currencies you get. Still fairly f2p though which is nice. Looking forward to future updates.

Need some good looking loading screen. The game is smooth and nice animation but needs a tutorial on how to play. ( I am a gamer so I learnt it on my own)

Well what can I say it’s an idle rpg and I’m a sucker for it :), my suggestion to make the game better is hp drain balancing and atk atk% balancing, and also please increase the duration for the ad reward to 1 hour

Actually iam having a problem of not being able to auto use the skills I turn off the auto to manual but now i don’t know how to turn on the auto use of skills Please devs help me

Turning out great, but now Im stuck at 9/16 Loading data, Loading Screen. Always.

So far pretty good I’m enjoying the game, maybe add more details to how specific bonuses work

Okay once again the game developers that I usually see making game these days on the cell phone are always asking for way too much personal information what you look like your race whether you’re a male or female they want access all your social media accounts this is ridiculous you don’t need to know that stuff for a tiny small little rinky dink game. So I’m uninstalling your game because I just don’t trust you and you don’t need to know that much personal information about someone. FACTS!!!

This game is actually nice compared to other similar games this doesn’t need p2w that much I love it other games however is merciless to f2p players so this game is great 5 stars

Frequent crashes and a few systems are very poorly explained

Amazing game, so many items, just know that this is a game where it does everything automatically. You just go afk and it fights for you there is no skill just watching the screen

Whole thing need a simple menu . My thoughts were too many clicks menu and stuff are unorganized. Make things easier i got tired clicking too understand how game works .

Please make an offline mode, I can’t play when I’m outdoors, there’s no reason to make this game online

It has the same vibe as Slayer Legend

It’s pretty fun, a lot of options on what you want to do and very generous. But it’s pretty reliant on RNG and it’s practically a gacha game, ads are optional which is great, overall would recommend to other people.

Great game, addicting and fun. awesome graphics

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