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Trovo  Be found, find more.
We built Trovo to make it easier than ever for an audience to find you and for you to find your audience. Get featured on the front page with Boost Rocket, check out what’s trending with Vibetags, and use our mobile go-live tools to share content anytime, anywhere.

Connect on a whole new level
We’re bringing a new dimension to live-streaming. Earn gems, rack up points, receive spells, win a Treasure Box. Through our chat room and subscriber benefits, we’re geared up to give the entire streaming and viewing experience a new dimension, both on- and offline. You want it interactive, you got it.

We’re in it together
Everyone on Trovo is part of our community. Whether it’s on Discord, during Product Roundtables, or at our Dev Corner Stream events, anyone can jump in. Together is always better.

Up your game.
Maybe you’ve been doing this for years. Maybe you’re a n00b. It doesn’t matter. Trovo supports streamers at all stages. Through our New Streamer Onboard Program, Level-up and Partnership Program, we’ve got everything you need to skyrocket your stream.

Help shape the platform
Slide into our DMs, hit us up on Discord: we’re all ears. We’re totally open to learning directly from our community about what they want and need, so we can roll out updates at warp speed. Together we can continue to make Trovo amazing.

Trovo user reviews :

It’s a very nice app for live streaming and its also in HD so I recommend it a 4 star app. But please show the radio on the top of the screen so it would be easier for us to use rather than clicking around. Thanks BTW.

New update is very bad , interface display was so good , simple and clear before , now it is messy, such a struggle just to get full screen view now … overall, still the best platform for streamers and viewers

Few bugs I wanna address:- 1) When you open someone’s stream u see flickering green lights and after minimising you will actually see the stream. 2) When u wanna chat, the chat moves too much and doesn’t show the latest chat. 3) When joining a stream, the chat history doesn’t load till about 5 mins. 4) When you click on someone’s profile, it takes like 10-15secs to open or might just keep loading. Except these few bugs which are easily fixable the app is great and works good! Add split screen pl

Automatically logs me out every month. The app hardly refreshes, and when it does a few days later, the app crashes quite often. This experience is on samsung a70. And on iPhone 12 pro max, it doesn’t even load at all for weeks now, till I just give up on using the app. It sucks really bad. And even on my pc, why the hell does it keep logging me out every month?? It’s such a bother! I’d love to support this unsaturated platform if it actually works. Edit: A year later, no difference on mobile.

  • This issue has been resolved by our team in the new version, sorry for the inconvenience. Looking forward to having you in Trovo.

Why cant I send messages in live chat any longer. It was never a problem until 2 days ago. There is no “send msg” button. I can type words in the box but cant send them. ??? What the heck happened? ….and Yes I checked my settings.

In the older version of trovo..I was able to go as low as 144p now or 240p …why isn’t it there anymore…I can only go like 360p as the lowest..why.. please bring back the option of Putting on 144p..the reasons is because whenever I’m watching a stream at the high quality of 360p it always buffers so please bring back the 144p and 240p trovo

Just downloaded and its great, works well and streaming time is cool. However i did notice its hard to find (music and radio) on the app. It would be nice if it was shown at the top of the app for much easier accsess for people to navigate to rather than clicking about to find it. But overall great.

Amazing for use as a streamer and a viewer. I dont have the crash issues I’ve had with other platforms or randomly buffering. It’s very good for community building and also for being found. I love how you gain mana just by watching those you support. Very clean, very user friendly, very nice.

Closes the keyboard randomly when entering the confirmation code, doesn’t work in landscape mode and no split screen option.

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