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Astrology Master  Astrology Master is an advanced free astrology program / application that takes NASA data, shows the locations of the planets, and computes astrology charts and reports that compute with the help of various astrological formulas.

The program is prepared with the logic of astrology as a professional and it is a unique source for those interested in astrology. The application is very easy to use. You can easily create reports, read comments and print out if you wish. Astrology is also suitable for those who want to progress and learn.

In the Astrology Master application, the user can make various calculations by entering the information of the people to do the calculation. You can use the same information in different places by saving the contacts you look for in your account and you do not have to enter the contact information again and again.

The Astrology Master program is not a simple astrology application, it is an advanced application that provides more in-depth calculation and analysis. In practice, natal chart, transit chart, progress chart, synastry relationship chart, sabians symbols, planetly hours, chart of the now and a glossary of terms.

You can select the desired date on the charts for transit, progress and now. In this way, you can get daily personal astrology comments or look at the charts of a different history.

Astrology Master is an ideal helper for those who want to do astrological calculations thanks to their fast and accurate results.

Astrology Master has been tested with the help of professional astrologers and has a highly developed user experience and ease of use.

It helps to develop advanced charts based on different criteria and systems with advanced calculation techniques.

You can also easily export the resulting results, comments, charts to pdf.

Hope you can help in your studies …

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Astrology Master user reviews :

The application is still the king of astrology, the new UI is so exceptionally beautiful, i love the indepth unlocking plus explaination of houses and all planetery placements. Really deserves 7/5 stars.

The free version should not exist. Absolutely unusable with the CONSTANT ads everywhere. Also planetary hour function is completely broken. This should be a paid app only and pls fix planetary hours.
  • Sistemkod
  • Hi. For the correct calculation of planetary hours, select your city from the settings page. You can review the help pages for more information. For suggestions and bug reports for the program, please contact us in the “contact us” section. Thanks.
Fantastic app with a very decent amount of free content. Lots of detail. I’m not 100% sure about accuracy tho as I think it’s calculated my rising sign wrong. But other than that, it’s a great app.
  • Sistemkod
  • Hi. Make sure that you have entered your birth information correctly and that the correct time zone is selected. Astrology Master makes the most accurate calculation according to the birth information you entered. Thanks.
fine app but even if you put all your birth info in correctly still misses a few placements got my rising, venus,midheaven,fortune, and chart ruler wrong
  • Sistemkod
  • Hi. You may have chosen a different hause system. The program has passed many tests. Miscalculations are usually due to usage. Please read the “How to use” page. You can also contact us in the Help section. Thanks.
This app WAS amazing until the most recent updates. It now asks for Login and personal information, and these functions don’t work. It used to store Natal Charts for myself and family, but I no longer have access. I refuse to log in for an astrology app. Doesn’t it have enough of my personal info already? Hahaha… I hope this gets fixed, this app really was a great resource for the finer points of Astrology.
  • Sistemkod
  • Hi. You need to log in to regain access to the information you have saved. This is not a new feature. It existed before. If you are having problems, you can get a new password from the I forgot my password section.
EDITED REVIEW: they’ve fixed the bug and it’s a nice app. the progressed chart is missing some interpretations but it’s a solid app and I think I’ll keep it for now. reporting a bug; my first house is listed as both Sagittarius and Scorpio in a chart. it’s definitely Sagittarius in the illustrated chart, but in the ascendant description it says Scorpio. I’m using the whole house system. I’ve reported it thru the app but they’ve ignored my email…
  • Sistemkod
  • Hello. You can contact us through the application contact section or Edit : Thank you for feedback. Unfortunately we could not see your mail. If you contact us from the help section in the app, our technical team will return as soon as possible.

This app is very good and has a lot of benefits for those who are willing to study astrology. And you will never regret having this app on your phone. Astrology master app is really a wonderful app that teach you everything you need to know about astrology and you won’t have any problem using this nice app. Don’t waist time and just get the app download into your phone and start enjoying it.

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