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EvolveFind your inner calm with our guided meditations & mindfulness exercises.

Evolve is a meditation & self-care app designed to help you relax, de-stress, & find inner peace. With a variety of guided meditations, breathing & mindfulness exercises, you can choose the practices that work best for you & fit seamlessly into your busy life.

Whether you’re just starting off on your mental wellness journey or a beginner at meditation, our app has something for everyone. We also offer free daily affirmations, wellness tips, sleep audios & a journaling feature to help you introspect, stay motivated & get better sleep. Try Evolve to discover the power of meditation & mindfulness to improve your mental & physical well-being.



Stay motivated with daily motivational quotes in the form of stories
Your Daily Meditation: A new meditation for you every day
Daily Breathing Exercise: Quick 2-minute breathing exercise each day
Daily Journaling: prompted journals & gratitude journaling to introspect & reflect on your well-being
Daily Affirmation: Daily affirmations for your self-love
Sleep Audio: A new sleep meditation each night for you
Daily Wellness Tip: A new wellness tip for you everyday


Meditation for beginners: our most popular meditations to help you get started. Our instructors lead you through a uided meditation practice, providing verbal instructions & guidance.
Music: enjoy soothing meditation music to help you focus & relax
Morning Meditation: start your day well with our joyful meditations
LGBTQIA+: we’re here to help you be yourself
Stress: meditations to help you reduce stress in the moment
Anxiety: joyful meditations to help you manage anxiety
Focus for study & work: improve your focus in the moment
Sleep music: relaxing music to help you sleep faster
Visualizations: explore the power of your mind with our meditations
Connect with your breath: quick breathing exercises like 478 breathing techniques to help you stay balanced
Meditate on your own: spend some me-time connecting with your thoughts through self-meditation


Take control of your mental health & start feeling better today. These self care tools designed by scientifically proven techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), can help you manage your mental health on your own.
These courses are focused on relationships, self, work, finance & the mental health of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Evolve includes prompts for journaling & daily gratitude journaling practice to help you manage your mood & improve overall well-being. By regularly focusing on the things that one is grateful for, gratitude journaling can increase overall feelings of happiness & contentment.


Evolve’s sleep meditation provides guided meditation sessions specifically designed to help you relax & fall asleep. These sessions include relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, & visualization. It also includes soothing music to help you relax & fall asleep.


Evolve is an inclusive mental health app providing a safe space to the LGBTQIA community, helping you explore & accept your gender identity & sexuality. We provide special meditations for LGBTQIA individuals to deal with homophobia, microaggressions & more. Explore your gender & sexual identity. Come out to your loved ones. Deal with homophobia. Navigate your sexuality with pride & accept yourself.

Evolve meditation app is free to download. Some content is only available through an optional paid subscription. If you choose to subscribe, payment will be charged to your Google Account at confirmation of purchase.

Evolve user reviews :

I really love this app and have found the various free features very helpful. Each morning I use this to prepare for the day ahead, journal, breath work, community. And there are podcasts, affirmations, fun polls, meditation’s, music for relaxing or sleep and live events without a subscription. When I can I’m definitely going to expand my access with a subscription I’ve enjoyed it that much and I never rave about an app.

It’s a great app that helps you with your mental health and gives really good exercises for breathing, journaling or therapy

I love this app so much, it’s been the most helpful to me of all the apps like it I’ve downloaded, not to mention the most inclusive I’ve found. I need a safe place for both my mental health and identity, especially after getting home from work, and this app provides both. All the narrators for the exercises have lovely voices, Lilly is definitely my favorite! The exercises cover a nice variety of mental health topics, and it’s all around been very beneficial to have in my day to day!

I really enjoy Shaili’s breathing exercises and Anshul’s meditations. The therapy sessions are great. It would be great if there were some new breathing exercises to try. I am not crazy about the notifications – being notified every time someone else comments on posts I have commented on in the community section. I would like to be able to turn those off. Overall, this is a lovely and inclusive app. It has definitely helped me sleep better and feel calmer.

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