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iplanCreating an itinerary with iplan.ai is fast, easy, and free.

in just a few seconds you can get a tailor-made itinerary for any kind of trip and budget, including road trips and group travels. You will be able to make any changes and share your itinerary with others.

With iplan.ai, you can plan and manage a trip in one place. Organize your day by adding your favorite places to visit, managing routes, or creating your own minute-based itinerary.

We’ll create your smart itinerary with the help of artificial intelligence

View plans on a travel map (like Roadtrippers, but, for free!)
Get direction on your favorite application (Google map, Apple map, Wase)
Rearrange the order of places, pin your favorite to your timeline
We have inventories that are tailor-made to meet your needs and budget, from a large suitcase for long trips with family to a carry-on back bag for short solo trips.
Add things-to-do from top guides with 1 click (like Tripadvisor and Google Trips/Google Travel)
Access your trip plans offline
Suggest the best restaurant along the way

Join now and start planning your next trip

We will ask you a set of questions about your next travel destination, like, how many days will you stay, with who will you travel, and what are your interests.

Your itinerary will be ready in a matter of seconds

We will create an itinerary and a minute-by-minute daily route plan, based on your needs and preferences, then you are able to edit, change and collaborate with friends to customize your plan even further to your taste.

You are in control

Move, modify, or remove anything you want. the more you use iplan.ai the more we understand your tastes and create a more efficient itinerary for you

Install the application today and enjoy your trip

iplan user reviews :

I prefer applications that have prompts that I can fine tune. I wasn’t going to Sydney as much as Darling Beach but I want to be able to do things in that area. I would like it to know where my hotel is so it can tell me what mass transit options I might have. I want it to suggest breakfast and dinner places near and around my hotel that are not too expensive, but good food. I wanted to suggest some tours and I want it to provide suggestions on a daily basis of a 4-day trip.

I’m trying to create a route for hitchhiking from one city to another across India and make a map of my suggested route with suggested sights/activities along the way. there no way to do that, it only lets you explore an individual city within a set time frame.

I tried to use it on a recent visit to Krakow, but it was just to dependant on the assumption that we had a car, with journeys and hour and half pit of the city and missing many local attractions or locations.

Has potential, wasted $6 (not free anymore?). Itinerary keeps driving me around 2 cities that are 1 hour apart: locations 1-3-5 in one and 2-4-6-7 in the other! What a joke! Removal of the attraction doesn’t work. Says, it’s removed, but it’s still there… Suggests to visit places for 2 hours, even though on details it shows the place closes in 25 minutes after arrival. Very poor AI. There are much better apps that are free and more logical.

Cool concept, but repeats things a lot if your trip is longer than 2-3 days.. Not much room for modifying restaurant choices or places. You can try removing something, but it might just add it on a different day. At the moment this app is pretty limited with it’s suggestions.

This app is great for those who are terrible at planning trips and international travelers. But the limitations of the app is that it will plan only for a 14 day trip at a time. Then in the case of india only mumbai is added as a city i hope they will add cities in the future.

Did not have my travel destinations, so I tried 2 arbitrary cities. The app hung on the second. The recommendations included a repeat attraction for the first. Room for improvement.

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