Rise of Empire – Lead your empire through history

[Game] Rise of Empire – Idle Tycoon

Rise of EmpireWelcome to the Rise of Empire: Kingdom Sim, a thrilling economy idle tycoon game where you lead your empire through history!

Take charge of resource processing, manage supplies, and construct the world wonders — the ultimate achievements for your civilization in this immersive simulation experience.

This is a unique blend of civilization tycoon , idle empire game, and old The Settlers series, connecting real-time great strategy and offline progression.


RESOURCE MANAGER: Begin in the prehistoric times and advance your empire up to the medieval kingdom. Benefit from idle mode – progress your game & collect resources offline in this engaging idle simulation!

EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN: Lead your civilization into greatness. Each discovery unlocks new opportunities and challenges, shaping the destiny of your empire within this simulation.

BUILD WORLD WONDER: Balance supply and demand of every resource, manage your economy to construct world wonders – testaments to your civilization. Enhance their capabilities and unlock new perks for your pocket idle tycoon.

STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: Manage your civilization to success. Strategic gameplay, everything depends on your skills. Gather resources, manage your kingdom and establish yourself as a true tycoon leader.

BECOME A CIVILIZATION TYCOON: Manage your settlers with wisdom and strength, forging a powerful empire that stands the test of time. Experience deep civilization management in this simulation.

BEAUTIFUL CARTOON ARTSTYLE: Immerse yourself in the cartoon artstyle & cute tiny settlers that bring Rise of Empire: Kingdom Sim to life.

OFFLINE MODE: Play anywhere – no internet connection required! Progress the game offline. Economy civilization tycoon simulation right in your pocket!

IDLE TYCOON EXPERIENCE: Enjoy the idle aspect, allowing you to progress and accumulate resources even when not actively playing – progress your game offline! Continue your economy simulation even when away.

Join Rise of Empire: Kingdom Sim now and lead your idle civilization to greatness. Turn your kingdom into an enduring legacy! Take care of your tiny settlers and get all the riches of this world!

Thousands of players joined worldwide to become the ultimate Rise of Empire – Idle Tycoon!

Download Rise of Empire – Idle Tycoon now and embark on a journey to become the ultimate idle tycoon sim! Can you rise the most powerful civilization in the world?

Rise of Empire user reviews :

I don’t really understand how this and these types of games have 4 stars it’s a 2 star game at best. You can’t make any progress without ads. All the upgrading gets crazy expensive to where you literally have to rely on ads just to play. There’s not forced ads, but it pretty much forces you to watch ads to progress. 2/10 game. It’s really not worth even looking at

It is a really unique game that combines the elements of age progression and tile city management with a twist. Only thing I suggest in the future is the ability to change wonders that you’ve already built for other options and more ages. Having a blast

  • Thank you very much for your support and kind review! It’s a real pleasure to read words like this after 2 years of development in small team of 3 devs. Kind regards, Jet Toast team.

Re-edit: problem solved after fresh installation. The game is quite fun and you can also play offline. Looking forward to more future content. Cheers!

  • Hello, thanks for updating your review. Glad to hear it is working fine now, but are you able to provide us screenshots of this mentioned bug to studio[at]jettoast.com? Kind regards, Tobiasz

3 part ads, but not forced yet. ok game but kept bugging me for a rating. Also just more of the same

it’s really fun and there’s lots to do

  • Thank you very much for your support and kind review! Kind regards, Jet Toast team.

better than other civilization type games

  • Thank you very much for your support and kind review! What can we do better to earn fifth star? Kind regards, Jet Toast team.

fun game so far

  • Thank you very much for your support and kind review! Kind regards, Jet Toast team.

stone age and cant get ahead enough.

  • Please send us more details to studio[at]jettoast.com or write it here. We will definitely help you. You can albo help us to fix this bug that we don’t know about… kind regards, Tobiasz

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