Mega War – Become the master on the battlefield

[Game] Mega War – Heroes Land

Mega WarMega War: Heroes Land is a special real-time strategy game with epic battles between 5 nations (Human, Dwarf, The Horde, Demon, Undead).

You can build your legendary army with unique units, items and lead your army to the ultimate victory. In addition, you can also compete with other players from around the world in pvp mode. You can find units from various species that only exist in legend like Dragons, Orc ,Dwarf, Elf, Taurent, Troll, Undead, … etc. Conquer and use them for strategies to achieve your victory.
Collect and upgrade dozens of units and items. Become the master on the battlefield!


Massive battles (200 vs 200!)
Fight other players from around the world.
Freely buy and sell cards with other players on an open market.
Chat with other players.
Easy to learn but difficult to master on the battlefield, thousands of strategies must be used in battle to lead your armies to victory.
Hunting Dragons, Phoenix, Treant,… And other mystical creatures.
Raid various world bosses!
Challenge yourself with plenty events and daily quests to collect amazing prizes.
Collect treasure chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards, and upgrade existing cards.
Custom your armies with plenty of different items.
We would love to hear any feedbacks from you. If you have problems or questions, please leave a comment or email us at: megacombatstudio[at]

Wish you have a good time! Thank you!

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Mega War user reviews :

The exclusive events were not Worth playing because, it’s hard to get only 10 players can get it each time. I don’t think so if this game was really strategy games since there is only 1 usable unit in demon race, which is the flaying archer and everything were just trash, there is no decent aoe dps legendary troops were to squishy.

Game is good itself, but lacks strategic concept of base building … Also upgrades cost so expensive.. Because of that I am writing 4 stars.. Add better base building and I will write 5 star

The idea is good but not so fun. Not much to do and very repetitive fights, there’s no challenge.

Needs a ranked pvp mode like ranked arena and a pve mode like team or clan bosses. Needs to go above level 13, needs an item shop refesh, as well as maybe a defense mode, clan wars, More units, Needs more than just the basic battles but for now it’s a GREAT, fun game!!!

Excellent. Slightly repetitive and needs more content but what is there is great Play to win rather than p2w

Interesting game. Unfortunately I cannot loging with facebook or google so I cannot join clan or trade. Can you fix this problem?

The game is as good as it gets similar to another game just needs to be more fast paced

Good game but too much ads and needs regular updates

Yessss was going good at first but then I have not been able to get my raid rewards for the past 4 ppl. Sad day

Beast tower defense card rpg similair to other titles but better.

Looks like newer version of legion war, but why can’t i buy item from my country currency Malaysia..

Good games and easy to play and not pay to win game….

Game looks great to play but unble to login with google or facebook

So addicted game im so lucky that i play this early hope you improve this games because its so Amazing i rate this 100%

Please add function that we can buy multiple chest at once

It looks like a action games

Pick human clan, No matter what my point always 0. Rank 1400 from 350 member. What a joke.

  • Hi, thanks for your feedback, it is our bug, we will fix it soon.

Fun Game!!!

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