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[Game] Island Empire – Turn Strategy

Island EmpireIsland Empire is a turnbased strategy game that is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Fight in the Campaign through challenging individual and unique level. Develop a strategy, expand your empire, ensure a stable economy,
defend you territory with walls and buy units for the war.

Campaign with 40 free level
Strategy, economy, defend, attack
Random maps with local multiplayer
Up to 6 player
Without Pay to win
Optional DLC with additional 80 level
Play offline
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Featuring Music by Matthew Pablo

Island Empire user reviews :

Yeah this game is the real deal. It’s simple, but I just find myself sitting there playing through all the levels forever. I just cleared the first island on hard. Bought the next couple islands and got rid of the ads. They weren’t bad, but it was cheaper to get the full pack. Definitely felt challenged on some levels but only got stuck on one. It doesn’t feel like the AI is cheating, just a good challenge with simple gameplay.

The game is nice, at list the first map. From the second , it becomes clear that the AI, at least the purple one, is made to overwhelm you no matter what. Even if you see the walkthrough from the developer, you realise that it happens once every 50 attempts, and yet I couldn’t go trough the 8th level. I wish I knew before willingly and happily pay for the upgrade, and I wouldn’t do it

  • Hello Giorgio, I’m sorry that you have trouble with the map2. Here is a playthrough if you need help for the level 8: If you’re not happy with the island2, write me a mail, i will refund your the purchase :) Best Regards Michael

Similar to Antiyoy, great premise but could use more QOL. I found that the process of creating and upgrading units and buildings takes too many taps due to menu navigation. Creating or upgrading a series of units or buildings could be much faster. There should also be the ability to move all available units in a direction to save the time of manually moving them. I’m glad to see more games in this genre!

  • Hello Mat, thank you for your feedback! :) I will try to improve the usability. If you have any idea specific idea, how i can lower the taps amount, let me know: Best Regards Michael

It’s a very fun game, although it wears thin as it goes on. Once you know how to leverage walls and farms it’s pretty easy even on harder difficulties. The later levels are very large, which makes it pretty grindy, and leads to situations where I’ve clearly won but need 5-10 minutes to close. I wish there were more interesting “puzzle” style maps and fewer sprawlers. The “special” levels with unique twists are always fun but I often don’t feel like playing 3-4 sprawlfests to unlock the next.

  • Thank you for your feedback! I will try to add difffernet gamemodes to make the level more diversified. I will also try to make the level harder in “hard”-mode :) Best Regards Michael

This is a great example of the kind of games I like to see on mobile. Mechanically simple yet robust in application, like chess. It makes it easy to pick up but through practice you experience this “What if I do this? A-ha!” moment that feels so rewarding. Edit: I was wrong about unlocks being overpriced. Recently an option to unlock the full game was added to the shop and his simplification let me evaluate it’s value more effectively. I purchased it immediately. Sometimes it’s a mind thing!

  • Hello Michael, thank you for your feedback. Developing a game cost a lot of time and i didn’t get nearly enough income for the time i’ve spent for the game. That’s why i have to make the price higher. :/ But when the third island is ready, i will add a cheaper complete package. Best Regards Michael

Awesome game all around! As both a RTS and turn based strategy game lover, I enjoy this game immensely. Yes, the levels and action can get repetitive after awhile, and it would perhaps be nice to have more variety of missions and objectives, I like the simplicity of the structure of the game, yet at the same time, complexity embedded in the planning and strategizing… it really feels like a chess game on the battlefield. Looking forward to whatever comes out from this developer.

  • Thank you for your review! :D I’ve planned to add some different gamemodes to the game. Just need some time to finish it. Best Regards Michael

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