Nova Colony – Build a colony that meets all the colonists’ needs

[Game] Nova Colony – Space Settlers

Nova ColonyBuild your space colony in this sci-fi city building game!

Half way across the galaxy with limited resources, it’s up to you to survive and thrive.

With over 35 buildings at your disposal, it’s up to you to build a colony that meets all the colonists’ needs and keeps them safe and happy. Build extractors, factories, storages and much more! Provide water, food and oxygen for your colonists. Fulfill your orders and expand your settlement. Create your own space colony with a unique blend of simulation and survival strategy.

Nova Colony user reviews :

It’s a colony builder, so for nothing super special, just hope this game doesn’t get flooded with ads, but you only have one save, I would like to have creative option too. Otherwise great colony builder so far I’ve only made it to level 7 though. Easy 5 star if you could have multiple saves and a creative mode. Edit: Also apparently this game is like 2 days old so as far as I can tell it’s a full game not half done “eh I’ll do it later” game.

  • Thank you for your comment. We’ll research an option for multiple saves and a sandbox mode.

This game is good but there’s a lot of bug. Regressing a lot of your progress is one of them. a blank planet. Sometime the UI don’t work and most of it doesn’t appear to be working that well. Other than that just improve the game pretty please.

Game was good but grinding at the start, but after you got some fuel for constant credits, its fun. But the game is buggy for now, and I also got soft lock on the other planet cause I dont have enough fuel.. so might fix the bugs first and softlocks. But the game is good at least.

The game is good but lacks of gameplay all you had to do is wait then build hope there can be an randomized event military management or create an trade routes with other faction if you can add more gameplay ill rate 5 star

Just from the picture its almost an exact replica of Pantenite Space Colony. Hope they did a better job with this version. If its indeed better then ill give better rating just hope theres not many to no ads!

Cool colony bulder tiny game … Very simple very straight forward game..good for simple time pass.. music is really cool… No annoying full adds.. skippable adda.. good hope this will get regular updates

Game seems to stop progress randomly, had to close and reopen several times to get simple factories.

It’s a great game but I have an annoying bug. Spaceship didn’t return to my colony I can’t sell anything.

Won’t let me build already and I’m not even 10 minutes into playing.

The game has a major glitch. All the buildings are labeled as the same building in each category. So fix it.

  • We are sorry for the issue. Game is updated now.

It is just a copy of previous game from rgis developer. Same mechanics, same graphics, i don’t get a point why there are no differences

good game there one bug i chose things and i chose other thing it will copy pls fix it

Would be nice to add a stock market so you can sell resources for high or low prices depending on the market.

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