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[Game] Jewels Adventure Match Blast

Jewels Adventure Match BlastWelcome to Jewels Adventure Match Blast, an enchanting and captivating match-3 puzzle game featuring exquisite and vibrant gemstones!

With hundreds of match-3 levels ranging in difficulty, we offer endless enjoyment and the perfect gaming experience. Match 3 or more jewels to create explosive combinations and level up! The fun and challenges never cease in the enchanting world of Jewels Adventure!

Enjoy unlimited gameplay for endless fun!

Set your own pace in the game!

Delight in the game whenever and wherever you desire!

Easy and Enjoyable:
Simple and fun gameplay, yet challenging to master.
Adored by both kids and adults, suitable for all ages.

Stunning Graphics:
Hundreds of meticulously crafted levels filled with a diverse array of colorful and marvelous gemstones.
Unique and awesome boosters with exceptional magical effects.

Endless Rewards:
Offer a free daily bonus and a lucky spin every day.
Win free powerful boosters in the collection events.
Unlock treasure chests in each new episode.
Earn various winning streak boosters.

Are you prepared to download this free offline match-3 game and display your exceptional gaming skills? Dive into the world of Jewels Adventure and play now! You’ll embark on a captivating journey through a gemstone wonderland and never experience a dull moment!

Any questions? Contact us at blockpuzzleonlinestudio[at] We highly value your feedback!

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Jewels Adventure Match Blast user reviews :

Got to level 23, had a free spin, went to have another one if I watch an ad, keeps coming up with ‘no Internet connection!!’… checked my Internet, and it is definitely on. Same with collecting as many coins as I can, did it once, went to do it again if I watch an ad, and hey presto, ‘no Internet’ AGAIN.. Out of moves, the same, ‘no Internet connection’. If the glitches aren’t fixed, I’m uninstalling.

  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry that this problem affects your gaming experience. However, this kind of problem is mainly related to the fill rate of advertisers, and our game itself does not have a good way to completely solve it. But we are already looking for ways to try to improve the problem. Thanks.

This game is just plain fun!! Great graphics and challenging. It’s the first Match 3 game I’ve ever played that actually gets more challenging instead of impossible!! (I’m on Level 1400’s) No playing the same game for three days until the game decides I may pass, like many others. Highly recommended.

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

This would be a five star game if it weren’t for the aggressive ads. The Wordscapes ad plays, then it takes you automatically to the Playstore and then when you go back to the game, the ad plays for another thirty seconds and has multiple close screens. Absolutely ridiculous and beyond annoying. Please fix it so they can’t do that anymore.

  • Hello~ Sorry for the inconvenience. We will tell our developers about the ads disrupting the gaming experience. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. By the way, any purchase removes pop-up ads! Have a try

Was having a great time until it kept freezing and I would have to start the level over. I have lost a thousand coins and 1 hour of a bomb. Not really happy since I love the rewards Update: The game would not work at all. I would have to close the game, and restart it. Of course you lose your 3 helps, you lose a life and you have to start the level over. Also I made it to level 1300 and it just played the same level over and over, and after awhile it stopped giving me the 50 coins for 3 stars.

  • Hello, sweetie. We’re sorry that this problem has affected your gaming experience. We have reported this issue to our developers. Besides, make sure you have updated the latest version. Now we have 1400 levels in total. If you can’t update now, please wait for a short time. Thanks for your understanding

I would give this game 3 stars as it has some serious disbalance in levels. You can finish one with 20+ moves left while the next one would take dozens of tries. It can’t be just that different in a single row and kills all excitement. I know the game wants you to use and buy incentives but it shouldn’t be so obvious and brute.

  • Hello. Thank you very much for your feedback. Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Hope you have a nice day

I have loved this game since the very first time I ever played it. The only thing that I really don’t like about it is if you have to change devices for any reason you can’t start playing from where you were at one the previous device you were using. You have to start playing from the very beginning all over again. I doesn’t save your progress to change over to the new device. Like most other games I’ve played it saves all your progress when you log into your Google or Facebook account.

  • Thank you very much for your review. We’ll keep improving our Jewels Adventure with our user’s feedback. Hope you have a good day

The game was fun… Up until level 220 then it just started giving super boards that just impossible to win. No longer fun I uninstalled it. The game becomes so difficult to play you can’t win unless you make purchases for power ups. I am sorry but are more just as fun games that don’t make you do that.

  • Hello, thanks for your feedback. We are trying our best to keep Jewels Adventure fun and challenging for everyone. We’ll keep improving our Jewels Adventure with our user’s feedback. Hope you have a good day

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