Jewels Ghost Ship – Explore the ghost ship with Theo

[Game] Jewels Ghost Ship

Jewels Ghost ShipHave an adventure with Theo in the Ghost ship matching jewels.

“Theo, a fisherman boy who lives in an island village.
One day, he finds old treasure map in the net.
Theo, who sets out on an adventure alone to find treasure,
but he swept away by the current and encounter a cursed ghost ship.
Only after the ghost ship’s curse is solved, can Theo return home.
Explore the ghost ship with Theo.
Find the captain’s belongings and sailors to break the ghost ship’s curse!”

Play this wonderful jewel match games and explore the ghost ship!
It is going to be the best one among those jewel games.
Match all the jewels and get your best score!
This will give you a lot of joy which you would not find from other jewel games.

Are you looking for a good quality of jewel match game?
This Jewel ghost ship would be the one.
Its graphic, music and in-game play are great that you can spend your time with joy!
It is also an unique jewel match game that you can’t find this kind of jewel match game in the play store.

FREE & EASY to play match 3 puzzle, FUN to master!
Match 3 jewels to collect or crush them in the fun puzzle adventure.
Build exciting Power-Up jewels & their explosive combinations to achieve the goals easily!
Make Combos, called cascades or chain reactions to get bonus points.
Use special Boosters to pass the challenging levels more easy.
Try to achieve 3 stars at all levels! It’s a very difficult feat!
Challenge tons of Achievements and accomplish them!
Leaderboards to check your friends & challengers!
Play tons of fun & challenging levels daily!
Earn a daily bonus in the treasure box every day!
Out of Lives? Challenge tricky levels all the way through!
No time limit! Play with all the time you’ve got!
Available for Android phones and tablets.
LANGUAGE SUPPORT: English, 한국어, 日本語, 简体中文, Basa Indonesia, Русский язык, ภาษาไทย, عربي, Français, Deutsch, Español, 繁體中文, Bahasa Melayu, Português, Italiano, Türkçe, tiếng Việt, हिन्दी

We always welcome your feedback. Come and join the fun!

This game contains advertising, including banner, interstitial and video ads.
This game sells in-app products such as golds or AD-FREE item.
This game requires some permissions to optimize the game and integrate some services to enhance your game experience.
Network access and view connections, Receive data from internet, Storage, Photos/Media/Files, Prevent sleeping, Vibration control, Etc.

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Jewels Ghost Ship user reviews :

I love the graphics and would give 5 stars, but I have spent as much time watching the advertising waiting to play each level, as actually playing. No option to even pay for ad free play, at least none that comes up or that I could find. Just really frustrating, I don’t have the patience to wait through all the ads, but I really love the game.

It’s a fun game ebut would be better if their where easier ways to get coins

This game is amazing I absolutely love it the graphics are amazing the game Play is awesome I really love this game

Level 76 and the game is weak. When does the challenge begin? However, traditional match 3 game and I love your graphic depiction of characters. Good game for new players to match 3 and younger players where skill levels are growing. While I am at level 76 in the match 3 game, I am at level 78 in the game of life.

I’m really enjoying this new version of this original old game. Like a lot of games you can download now. The AI helps and shows you a way you can win by picking a certain jewel or path. When your low on lives. It’s your choice if you choose that path or not. I like too choose my own path and ways too win the game level’s.

This is really a FUN, FUN, GAME!! I really enjoyed it because it teaches me to reach my goals as to the many objects that I am to collect! Feeling those laughing characters, and breaking the many little blocks, plus useful items to help achieve my goals in order to end at the end 3 STARS TO CLEAR EACH LEVEL! Boy this is really FUN!…..THANKS FOR THIS JEWEL GAME…I LOVE IT! And it’s relaxing and colorful, that deserves 5 stars!

This game was very enjoyable until they put their banner at the top of the screen and now I cannot exit out of the ad. I have to restart the whole program to try to play again. Very disappointing because I was enjoying it.

Only giving 3 stars on account the game requires you to buy coins you already earned. It is so frustrating, just give me the coins I earned. Ads appear after every round of play, they are short ads. The graphics are colorful.

This is simple to play. Graphics are crisp and clear. The downfall for me was all the reading once I read the instructions on how to play and progress once was fine but currently at level 13 and still getting slammed with reading. Read it once that was sufficient do you not think?

Absolutely magnificent. First Match 3 game I’ve come across where you don’t need to spend real money to purchase a coin safe. The graphics are adorable. This looks to be a game I can finish right to the end.

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