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One Punch Man WorldPre-register now for 3D Action Game One Punch Man: World and claim Disclosure Privilege, Exclusive Namecard set, random SR Character and Impression Arm, and more!

One Punch Man: World is an 3D action game that recreates the world of the globally popular anime series One-Punch Man and offers a hardcore action experience for all players.

The game will be available cross-platform with language support in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Encounter the Iconic Heroes
Play as beloved heroes such as Genos, Mumen Rider, Silverfang… and the protagonist Saitama? He will also be playable in an unexpected way!

Experience the Stories
In an action game way! Feel the heroes’ every punch and kick on your palms, and join the legendary battles yourself! And what if we switch sides, and have a perspective of the villains, like breaking out as Carnage Kabuto?

Enjoy the Fight
Parry the enemy’s attacks, complete different combos, accumulate power, unleash ultimate skills, and finish bosses as you like! This hardcore 3D action game will give you a sense of battle like never before!

Enforce Justice
Complete the tasks assigned by the Hero Association, defend the city with fellow heroes, and become stronger!

Explore the World
Experience a hero’ s everyday life, indulge in games at the Arcade Center or join forces with Saitama during a discount frenzy at the supermarket!
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One Punch Man World user reviews :

Just perfect, been waiting for so long and I like what I see. Graphic are great, character designs are well made, they even managed to capture personality of each hero separately which is a nice feel. But mostly the combat mechanics is very engaging having dodge, shield break, mode change mechanics makes the gameplay very enjoyable for me. Keep up the good work

The good: this game is awesome, feels like MHA but better. People complaining about storage don’t have a clue about games nowadays. The bad: the device heats up when in battle (interesting that once the battle ends it starts to cool). Prices are way to high for IAP. I want to buy stuff but the prices are very high. You should investigate local currency to understand the equivalence. We should have the option to change button layout as currently they are too close

I Would Rate It 4, it’s an great game but they need to make the size a bit less because this can make storage run out alot. The game is good, it’s nice but the size needs to be a bit less. The down said it would take “8 GB” it took 12GB what is this it keeps going more and more, just make it less it shouldn’t be that much. On play store it was just 450MB, turns out its actually 12GB now please tell the actual game size.

The game is amazing; I waited so long, and it’s finally here, definitely worth the wait. The graphics are perfect, and the story direction is just right. I hope the game achieves great success; for me, it’s the best One Punch Man game. The game is also available on PC, so I can fully enjoy the graphics.

good game but the problem is its size and have some bugs Can players see each other’s characters in cities like MHA? guys If you get an error when logging in that it is not available in your Region 1_use v2ray kanfing which doesn’t work 2_When you are connected to the disconnect kanfing, click on login 3_While it’s spinning, quickly turn off the VPN and click on login again to enter the game I hope I have helped you

Just a few hours in yet but love it already. Combat is cool, but could be little smoother. Sound is ok. Graphic great. And what’s best – it is OPM universe where you can fight with your favourite hero! Need to mention tough that the game has p2w elements but feels like it’s not necessary to pay. I’ll update later

Fantastic Game!!! Oper world well done, NPC People realistic on movement and realistic interact with them. Cool the fact the game tell u the story about OPM. I suggest to change/improve the fight mode… it’s not really good and not challenging at all, just a little spam of skills…… But ATM is one of the best OPEN WORLD for mobile!!!!

Reminds me of Honkai: Star Rails gameplay. Frozen controls on first day but you just need to restart the game. So far so good… Issue is… The text is super tiny for me. New issue my 10 vouchers disappeared and already reported. Hope I get it back soon.

I am a big fan of OPM and for now I love the game but the only 2 things I am disappointed with are first of all you can’t play as king and second of all for 10 pulls you need 2600 but the amount we get is so small so the free to play players won’t be able to have the chance to play around with most of the characters that is all from me.

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