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JournalisticJournalistic is a micro journaling app with a focus on a clean and minimalistic writing experience. It uses the established bullet journal format, making it approachable for beginners and highly efficient for experienced diarists.

The ultimate goal of a micro journal is to help you focus on what truly matters in your life and to provide a place where you can write down and organize all the things that occupy your mind.

Track activities and interactions

Simply use Twitter syntax to tag #activities and mention @people in your daily entries. Journalistic automatically compiles timelines, statistics, and insights for them and helps you find things easily. Tags and mentions are private, only you can see them.


Dreams are a window into our subconscious mind. Journalistic has a dream journal built right in so that you can attach details about last night’s adventures to your daily log.


Create notes to complement your journal entries, e.g. weekly-/monthly-/annual recaps, reflections, “lessons learned”, thought experiments, etc. You can also attach notes directly to your entries to elaborate on specific topics or events.


Collect shower thoughts, mind-blowing facts, insightful quotes, and excerpts from good books and use them as a source of wisdom and inspiration.


Save all your ideas in a convenient list, elaborate on them, make plans, and work out potential solutions.


While you write and go about your day, Journalistic crunches data automatically in the background and compiles useful insights for you, like “How many words do I write per day?”, “When was my last skiing day?”, “When did I first meet Helena?”.


What is micro journaling?

A micro journal is essentially a bullet journal with a focus on a minimalistic writing style. The compact format forces you to distill events and thoughts down to the essentials, which gives rise to clarity.

Why should I start a journal?

Keeping a journal is all about awareness, focus, and mental well-being. Writing and recapping daily logs can help you reflect upon your relationships, accomplishments, goals, and life in general.

Can I export my journal?

Yes. You can download your journal entries easily in text-, markdown-, and JSON format.

Is Journalistic available on other platforms?

Yes. Journalistic is a Progressive Web App (PWA), meaning you can use it on Android, iOS/OSX, Windows, Linux, and on the web.



Since Journalistic is a Progressive Web App (PWA), it is always up-to-date. You will only rarely need to download updates from the PlayStore™.

You can follow all the latest changes here:

Help & Support

Contact us via email at help[at]

Bug reports, feature requests, and improvement suggestions are always welcome!

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Journalistic user reviews :

It’s incredible. I love nano-journaling and the developers definitely found a way to cater to users like me. I used to go to sites like Twitter for storing my short thoughts, but this app has a lot more features. Also, could I suggest an Add Image/Video/File/Voice Recording feature? I know it’s expensive, so perhaps it could be connected to a file-sharing account instead of stored on Journalistic? Thank you for creating this application.

  • Thanks, really great to hear these kind words Images, etc. are under consideration and might come to the app a bit down the line.

End user experience is great, nice and minimalist, no intentions of ads in the free version! That alone is amazing. Free sync across devices? Awesome as well! Emailed help with a question and got a fast response directly from the dev. Thats super rare as well! I recommend this app and am excited to see where it goes. Thanks Journalistic

  • Thanks for the review Jason

This app is amazing, especially with all these other journal apps trying to charge $60 for their premium version. This app is free and has no intrusive ads popping up every five minutes. It has the exact simple and organized layout I’ve been searching for in a journal app. It’s great having a place to have all my thoughts neatly lined up as bullet points by date. 10/10 app

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to review our app Julie, really appreciate it!

I used it once and instantly fell in love with it. I love the simplicity and minimalistic design. it provides a great deal of features without shoving them all in your face and overwhelming you with an app that needs a whole course to figure out. My only complaint is that I can’t use it offline. I tried using it offline and it wouldn’t work, but then I came back later with an internet connection and I had to sign in all over again. This is very annoying, and a huge inconvenience for me.

  • Hi Musa, I feel you. I already started working on a full offline version, but unfortunately it is a huge amount of work and this is a really really small project, so it might take a bit. Sorry about that…

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