Moodpress – Set and organize your personal diary 

[App] Moodpress – Mood Diary Tracker

MoodpressPersonal diary of your feelings and activities.

Join your Moodpress to not only record your mood but also save your secrets, important photos and any life records no matter when and where. It’s also a really awesome humor mission to analyze your recorded emotional diary.

main function

1. Protect your privacy and keep it confidential
Fingerprint recognition and password function support.
2. Set and organize your personal diary
Dates, moods, photos, activity tags, dynamic themes, etc.
3. Create an activity with your own phrase 🏷
Search and add custom activities used with selected icon.
4. Mood management function through calendar and chart
5. Healing sound to help you calm down
Be genuinely aware of your inner feelings.
6. Diary Backup & Restore
Backup/Restore secrets to your private Google Drive account.
7. Set the diary alarm and receive it at the desired time
8. You can export PDF documents
9. Quickly share your monthly mood calendar with the theme and emoticons you want 🗓
10. View and use directly on the screen through a convenient widget

The diary is always saved on your phone. Moodpress values your privacy and does not store or collect it separately.

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Moodpress user reviews :

I want to like this app. It has some amazing elements. But the ads! I make my entries before bed, specifically how I feel when I wake up, in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. So I make 4 entries at the end of the day. And after Every Single Entry I get an ad. That’s absurd and now instead of having an app to track my mood, I’ve now got one that ruins it. I understand bills need to be paid but c’mon. I was considering going premium for the extra features but not anymore. App Uninstalled.

  • We’re glad you like Moodpress! Since the app strives to be mostly free to use, ads are part of supporting our team’s survival as our ability to generate revenue through subscriptions is terrible and it’s hard for our team to stay afloat. We’re sorry for the bad experience and hope you can find an app that suits you better.

It is awesome! Every feature that I want to use is already included in the free plan. I used to use 3 different apps for those. The upgrade is a nice enhancement as it is supposed to be. The interface is nice. The art is nice. I would like to buy lifetime plan to support the team, but it is a little less expensive (currently it is 50, I would spend 30) But I will keep use a while to se if that’s worth it.

Very cute XD There’s a function which let’s us design our own emoticons. Unfortunately, only 3 can be made for free users. Also, after using it for the first few days, ads show up a lot more frequently T^T. Otherwise, a clean and simple interface which makes it easy to note down my thoughts and emotions.

It works really well. No ads, no distractions. It’s simple and clean. You can change your icons to a different theme. I’ve personally chosen the birds theme! I also changed the background to the space theme, and I love it. You can track emotions multiple times a day, and each emotion shows on the calender! It scrolls through them cleanly, and if you click on the day, it pops up with each emotion! I definitely recommend this to someone who needs to track their life.

THE PERFECT DIARY APP!!! I love the moods, the style of the game, and especially the sounds! The sounds are really emotion soothing and makes me really sleepy. And, I also type alot when I am venting out. The theme and emoticons are cute too. I also love how you can add photos. I’ll see if I keep this app for a long time. Overall, this is a really great app, I recommend it!

It is an amazing app for Journaling. By far the best one i have used. I love how it doesn’t require a subscription to customize (to a point) and how you can put a number pin on the app so that your privacy is protected. The emotion tracker has helped me to track my mental health as well, because I can see how my overall emotions have been thru out the month.

I absolutely love this app it is so good and it help me keep track of my feelings the relaxing sound option has been the best for studying and for sleep I rate this app a 5/ 5 and I hope that in the futurethey have the emotion and you have to write down the reason why your feeling that kinda like a journal. ♡♡♡ Spreading live and peace Lejla.

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