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MoodistoryMoodistory is a low-effort mood tracker and emotion tracker with a unique and beautiful design, highly respecting your privacy.

Create mood tracking entries in less than 5 seconds, without writing a single word. Use the mood calendar to easily find mood patterns. Become aware of your mood highs and lows and analyze the cause of mood swings. Discover triggers for a positive mood.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to improve your emotional and mental health now!


Intuitive, engaging & quick entry creation (in less than 5 seconds)
180+ events/activities in 10 categories to describe what you’ve been up to
Fully customizable events/activities
Add photos, notes & your location (automatically or manually)
Customizable mood scale: Use any scale from a 2-point scale up to an 11-point scale
Mood calendar: quickly switch between yearly, monthly and daily calendar views
Year in Pixels view
Powerful analysis engine: Find out what triggers a positive or negative mood, identify mood swings and much more
(Random) reminders that fit your daily routine
Themes: Choose from a collection of carefully composed color palettes or create your own theme and select every single color yourself
Diary with a lock: Use the lock feature to keep your mood diary safe from others
Import mood data: Reuse any existing mood data from other apps, Excel or Google Sheets
PDF-Export: Create a beautiful PDF in seconds for printing, sharing, archiving, etc.
CSV-Export: Export your mood data for use in external programs & apps
Easy data backup: Keep your diary safe from data loss using (auto) backup via Google Drive OR use the manual (local) backup
No registration – jump right into the app without any cumbersome signup procedure
Highest privacy standard: All data stays on your device


A mood tracker contains highly sensitive information. We truly believe that privacy should be given the highest priority!
That’s why Moodistory saves your diary ONLY on your device locally. Only you can access it. Your mood data is neither stored on any server nor shared with any other app or website. No one but you has access to the data of your mood tracker! Only if you enable backup via Google Drive, only then is your data saved in YOUR Google Drive.


Life is about ups and downs and can sometimes leave you confused. If you want to understand your emotion and mood, awareness for yourself is key. Moodistory is here to support you in doing that! It is a mood tracker and emotion tracker for self-improvement to foster your mental health, happiness and wellbeing. It also serves as a supporting tool for coping with mood swings, bipolar disorders, anxiety and depression. Your mental wellbeing, your mental health, is Moodistory’s mission. Selfcare and empowerment are the cornerstones.


Only things that are measured can be improved! Therefore, the first step in self-improvement is raising awareness and to understand. Knowledge is power, selfcare is key! Moodistory is a mood tracker that helps you in understanding problems, fears and concerns. It supports you in increasing your problem-solving skills by discovering behavioral patterns (by e.g. analyzing your Year in Pixels chart) and triggers. Because Moodistory establishes facts about the history of your mood and emotion, you’ll feel more in control!


Moodistory was created with you in mind. We think that selfcare and keeping a mood diary are supposed to be fun, rewarding and easy to do.
We are adding new features continuously. But only with your help are we able to move into the right direction. We are fully committed to improving Moodistory with your feedback!
If you have any questions or feedback about our mood tracker, contact us at

Moodistory user reviews :

Yep, it was iOS & I didn’t know the app was so new to Android! Thank you for the response I used to use this app all the time and I was pretty good about exporting backups. However, I got a new phone and I’ve tried to manually restore from several backups, with each and every attempt ending with an error message of “no data imported”.. so that’s a couple years of data that’s gone :(. Additionally, it seems that the app is freezing and glitching pretty badly for the pixel 7.

  • Hey Jesse, the latest update (v1.2.3) will let you restore backups also from iOS. Please give it a try, and I hope you’ll have all the data you’ve previously collected ready on your new Android phone! All the best!

Beautifully designed, and very convenient. Only issue atm is that the reminder notifications seem to be sightly unreliable. Edit: reminder notification has been fixed, everything is perfect now.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback, Adam! Happy to hear that you like it – we’ll look into the reminder notifications for Android 11. All the best! Edit: Many thanks for the update – happy to hear that everything works now. All the best!

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