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[Game] Jumanji Epic Run

Jumanji Epic Run  Welcome to Jumanji!

Once again, Jumanji is in peril. The sacred Falcon Jewel has been stolen, and it’s up to you to recover it.

Run from howling hyenas, climb mountains, avoid avalanches, free fall from deadly waterfalls, and defeat anyone in your way.

Avoid dangerous animals from the game, including rhinos, vultures, jaguars, and more … watch out at all times!

Play this all-new 4D Runner Game and save JUMANJI!

Now… GO!

4 WAYS TO PLAY THE GAME: A whole new kind of runner with 4 epic, next-level game modes: charge forward and fight your enemies, run from animal stampedes, climb perilous cliffs, and dive off massive waterfalls. Jump, duck, dash, slide – do anything to reclaim the sacred jewel!

SELECT YOUR AVATAR: Become the character of your choice: Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, Ruby Roundhouse, or Professor Shelly Oberon.

MAD SKILLS: Take advantage of each character’s special skills: hurl boomerangs, dance fight with nunchucks, trailblaze with geometric calculations, or ride animals like a boss.

DEADLY BATTLES: Defeat giant brutes and other fearsome enemies. Don’t let anyone get in your way!

ENDLESS TREASURES: Collect power-ups along your journey:

Magnetic field – collects all nearby coins.
Shield bubble – protects you from obstacles
x2 – double your coin pickups to get ahead in the game

STYLE UP: You can’t run without the right look! Unlock new environments and get amazing outfits. Each outfit grants you a bonus for each power-up you collect in the game.

Are you ready for the Next Level?!

Jumanji: Epic Run ™ & © 2019 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Published by Crazy Labs Ltd. Software excluding Columbia Pictures elements © 2019 Crazy Labs Ltd. Developed by PlaySide Studios Pty Ltd.

Jumanji Epic Run user reviews :

This is an absolutely astonishing game; one of the best endless runners I have ever played. Player models are fantastic and the sound and visual design is also impeccable. Furthermore, the game follows certain film mechanics, such as the unlockable areas on the map to explore, however, there are some improvements which could be made. There are a few bugs here and there, locked content and few purchasable items from the in-game shop. The game needs more frequent updates, but still a solid 5 star!

  • Hi there, Thanks so much for your amazing words! We’re happy to hear how much you love our game. Have an epic day, Jumanji Team

Good game, it’s enjoyable. The maps are a little repetitive, could definitely use some new obstacles and enemies. Also, the game glitches when I try to use the last area map. It does the regular jungle instead of a frozen snowy land.

I loved the game before the update. Had all levels unlocked. Had all characters unlocked. Had quite a few outfits and weapons maxed out too. Now everything I worked hard to get is gone all because they want people to pay. Screw that nonsense. Changes like this push people away, and I’m one of those people.

The graphics is great and gameplay is generally very fluid but sometimes the game stutters for one crucial second and i am dead ! This problem was not there until the very recent update. In this kind of running game it is crucial to keep the gameplay stutter free or the players efforts will be in vain. Also the yes button on the quit game dialog box does not work. Please fix these issues and i will change rating to 5 star

I really like this game. There are multiple things to do for starters until I get bored. Hopefully the game will keep updating with new interesting levels or some other twists. Just one thing, the game does not close by a proper exit, need to force close it. Please fix this bug.
  • Crazy Labs by TabTale
  • Hey Sherry, Thanks so much for taking the time to let everyone know how much you’re enjoying our game! Feel free to contact us at support[at]crazylabs.com and let us know about any issues you might be facing. We are always happy to help! Keep playing, Jumanji Team
I like the game. It’s fun at first but once I played it more it’s hard to put down. I wish when the game started it would have nigel voice and the other characters. If you can put that in the game it will be more fun to play. Maybe welcome to the jungle would be nice the beginning and show how it happened with the kids. Hopefully more updates to come
  • Crazy Labs by TabTale
  • Hey Ernie, Glad we’ve got you hooked on our game! Stay tuned for cool new updates. Jumanji Team
It’s a great game app however the only one thing i dont like about it, is that it keeps dropping on me or closing up the game everytime i want to watch an ad to get gold or points and collect other rewards within the game. It also automatically kicks me out of the game when i get killed within the game instead of giving me my other 2 chances to keep playing. It also sends me right back to the beginning of the game instead of leaving me where I left off within the game. Please fix these errors.
  • Crazy Labs by TabTale
  • Hi there, We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your love about this game. Now let’s get you back to enjoying the game. Please contact us at support[at]crazylabs.com and give us more details. We will do our best to assist you. Thanks, Jumanji Team

Latest Update :

Bug fixes for smoother playing.

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