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[Game] BattleofSBG

BattleofSBGFighting for MoeGirls!

Free 100 draws ※ Free to Win
Round strategy ※ Overcome the enemy
Hanging up is not tiring ※ Rewards are generous
Traveling with multiple people ※ Wonderful adventure
A hundred beauties ※ at your command

The new anime adventure places the fantasy of the mobile game Battle of SignBoard Gril.

As the world was about to return to chaos, a young man from a different world crossed over and brought various MoeGirls under his command,

Is the future of the world bright or destroyed,

Young man, all of this is in your hands.

1. Free 100 Summons and Massive equipment is freely matched.

2. Various professions such as Berserker, Assassin, and Nun are freely matched, and the Five Elements complement each other, resulting in endless changes in combat strategies.

3. Infinite randomness, 8 major professions, 5 major races, 6 attributes, randomly arranged and combined to generate unique heroes. Each hero summon will never be the same.

4. Rich system playing methods and different game modes allow you to explore your own Happy hour freely.

5. Hundreds of unique hero characters are freely collected and obtained, with different attributes giving you more strategic choices.

6. An independent worldview, a struggle around the Soul Stone, and an unexpected plot development.

7. The rich gameplay of dungeons makes the worldview more three-dimensional and the experience more divers.

BattleofSBG user reviews :

Fun game but lots of bugs. 1) menus take time to trigger and sometimes they direct to black screen. 2) if you collect on divination or idle rewards, while logged on they will not increase and you must reset your game multiple times for an accurate count. 3) the red dots don’t disappear when a task is completed, and If you log back in even if a task has been completed the red mark is still there which is very anoying because I click on the menu and again slow or slow into a blank screen.

I like the gameplay, but this game is constantly glitching out. I literally have to close the app and reopen it every couple of minutes. I’ll go to click on something and the in game buttons won’t work and then some of the animation and wording will disappear so I am forced to close the app. It’s very annoying. Would be a fun game to play if it weren’t for that.

  • thank you for feedback,we will find the bug

Honestly was not expecting much. This game surprised me, the character designs are cool, there seems a lot to do which is nice. And sweet Jesus you guys giving out a lot of summons. Two things, keep from five stars. One, the turn based action, it’s kind of stale and a bit boring. Two, the level based progression, not being able to progress until I reach a certain level is kind of frustrating. But all in all, a pretty solid game you all put together

Games fun and toons are nice to look at. My only issue is the level lock (to progress) and the lag. Sometimes I will load to do a summon or a fight and it will spin or sit doing nothing. Drop rates are decent and the new server rewards makes progress quick. But then you hit the level wall. 1 star from 5 star because of the lag at times. Fix that and u get a 5 star.

The game gives a lot of summons at the start, which is nice, but it’s simply a smoke screen, because the tradeoff is harder way to upgrade star. The translation is mediocre, the tutorial is bad flashing pointer. Overall, is just your regular idle game with different skin. Just so-so.

I love this game, the characters are super cute just I can’t rly stand the fact I have to refresh the game like every 1 minute, last thing is, I had like 60 scrolls to summon a hero, but when the game is glitching or started to crash, I didn’t think much of it and pressed the summon button but it didn’t load so I kept pressing It and then I gave up and refreshed the game, and then I didn’t get anything and all of my 60 scrolls are gone.

  • plz send playername and server name to fxwarzone[at]

There is no stupid vip to skip or speed up combat. it’s all there for free! Quite a few free summons, at least 120-200, in the first couple of hours of play. Shortest tutorial in a game of this genre, fantastic!! Oh, and the art is nice too.

  • Thank you

This game is a hidden gem. Beautiful graphics, animation skills are pleasing to the eye and character/boss design is top notch! Very free to play friendly. You can get a multi just by doing dailies. I would definitely recommend.

The inherent quality of the game is undeniable; however, a notable drawback surfaces as it experiences lag with every click, resulting in a sluggish pace. Enhancing and resolving this performance issue would greatly contribute to elevating the overall gaming experience.

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