King of Sails Royal Navy – Immerse yourself in the world of historical pirate battles

[Game] King of Sails Royal Navy

King of Sails Royal Navy  Awesome online battles of the legendary sailing ships of the 18th century.

Immerse yourself in the world of historical pirate battles, become captain of a military ship in the golden age of shipbuilding! Conquer the Caribbean Sea, destroy enemies, ram your opponents and go to the naval boarding! Corsairs, privateers, skipper, pirates feel yourself in the role of the invader of merchant and warships. Use all the capabilities of the ship to achieve victory in the online blitz battle.


Team battles
Battleship against warship, will win the team that first sink all enemy ships!

Dynamic battles
Battles take place in the Caribbean Sea between the battle islands. Hide from the volleys of opponents, use tactics of naval combat battles, and in no case don’t approach the ships of the opponent. Since there is a boarding in the game! Take care of sails ship, they scorch up from hits!

More than 12 sailing ships
In the game over 12 sailboats of the golden age of shipbuilding – from Pandora and Aurora to the legendary ghost ship Flying Dutchman;

Beautiful 3D graphics
Impressive drawing of all elements of the game. Ships and textures are made to the smallest details, such as hull, mast, rigging, sails, ship’s wheel;

Simple and intuitive control
Raise or lower the sails ships, depending on the needed speed. Improve the boat speed and maneuverability of your ship for better control.


Fast and maneuverable ships, but they are armed with small and medium-sized mortar. Scout ships!
Light and fast ship, medium size. The frigates are the most actively used ships of the sailing fleet!
The largest sail boat of the navy of the 18th century, have on shipboard heavily armed artillery. Used to destroy the light ships, the battleship is a fearsome force!

Sea battle online on sailboats of the 18th century. Participate in online battles against other players in team battles 5 vs 5. Use the tactics of naval combat, hide from the enemy’s artillery, hide behind the islands and strike back!

The game is absolutely free to download online multiplayer games, but some elements are paid!
The application requires a stable Internet connection.

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King of Sails Royal Navy user reviews :

De experience is great. The graphics are awesome, and the battles are amazing. The explosions are very cool. But I wish the added big waves or hurricanes and more to make the battle epic

This game has some satisfying controls and lots of potential, but is extremely pay to win. All of the best ships are locked behind a pay wall of real money, and are far better than most regular ships. On a separate note, I can’t seem to ever match with more than one player at a time per match, never any more.

Fun game. Good graphics and maps. Responsive and nice control. Plenty of ships to choose with different kinds to use. But, upgrades to ship, bombs, repair kits, sails are expensive. Really an army of adds. Wow.. it would be great if you would add open map, friendly match, islands to get, officers with buffs. Enjoyable game. Cheers.

Its a nice game. But you need to add an update. When you look at your ship you dont see any cannons, and there is no people on board. Please add the cannons and the people on the ship. And and in a battle my ship is glitching. Please fix the glitches. And also make the ship more realistic. It has to look like the wind is blowing the sails. And when you crash the ship glitches out. Please fix it

It’s a very magnificent game rare to see a game that takes place in the 1700s-1800s era of naval combat, Though if at all possible make the collisions more effective such like if two ships collide you can see visible damage on the ship and add like small boarding actions. But besides the collisions with islands pretty nice game.

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