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Armajet  Armajet Welcome to the future, Pilot!

Armajet is a real-time multiplayer combat game with fast-paced jetpack action! Join your friends or go solo in this cutting edge, free to play, PvP platform shooter filled with breathtaking customizations.

Never pay to win! Armajet’s game mechanics are easy to learn, hard to master and bridge the gap for ultra-competitive, cross-platform gameplay. Intuitive twin stick mobile controls make flying and shooting easy—surviving is the challenge.

Play solo or create custom matches and party with your friends. Immerse yourself in team deathmatch arenas as you fight for air supremacy!

Do you prefer close range PvP combat or being lethal from a distance? Choose an all-purpose automatic rifle, secure defensive positions with long-range sniper rifles, or wreak havoc with exotic flamethrowers. With 700+ weapon mods to keep you in action, you’ll never be out of options!

Blaze through out of this world arenas with incredible flightsuit and weapon details, experience SONIC ECSTASY with 32 Channel sound and planet shaking 5D Sound Effects that will melt your earholes!

Craft your way to legendary Primary and Secondary weapon mods, diversify your weapon loadouts with earth-shattering ultimate abilities and customize your Pilot with thousands of flightsuit models and skin combinations!

Create your clan, recruit pilots or join an existing clan to organize, socialize and compete together.

Global individual and clan leaderboards with seasonality! Do you have the skills to climb the learderboards and claim an end of season Champion badge?

If you like like Action, PvP or FPS games, you’ll love Armajet! You won’t find more high flying jetpack shooter fun in a free real-time multiplayer game anywhere.

We poured our heart and soul into this game and hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it! If you enjoy this free platform shooter, or have any questions or concerns, please join the discussion:

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Armajet user reviews :

Pros: A truly fun, free game which is excellent for casual squad play with friends. The graphics are excellent and the music is fun. Gameplay is simple yet deep. Cons: There’s not enough free content to create immediate variations. Even after playing for several hours, all of us are only able to play as the same base character. Additionally, the gameplay and music can grow a bit repetitive. Desync happens too frequently, and usually seems to favor those with poorer Internet connections.

Daang..!! this game is great, it reminds me of Mini Militia and I have to tell you it’s electric, it’s fun fare and what you see from the picture, I hope the developers update it because we could use more: 1.Charaters (but note first time player there are a ton of characters) 2.Modes(there are multiple modes) 3.Large maps(there are multiple maps) 4.a global social chat at the beginning of the game/home 5.Easy way to invite more people. .. But I love it the Idea of the game is cool “Let’s Go”

One of the best shooter games with support of 120hz. But there is lots of bugs needs to be fixed. At the beginning of the match there is a glitch for a milliseconds at the left side of the screen and when I press and hold the grenade it glitches, and many others like failing to claim a free gift after watching an ad. Extremely annoying. Getting worse and worse, now it is throwing me out of the game changing also my Wallpaper????
  • Super Bit Machine
  • Hi! We believe the leftside of the screen glitch may happen on certain Android devices due to the dynamic resolution scaling. Have you tried going to the setting and forcing the resolution scaling to non-dynamic? Say, 75%? Please let us know if that glitch goes away. Thanks for playing!

Its a superb game. I loved it. But the game modes are similar to Brawl Stars. You can say its as a 2D Brawl Stars. Everyone should try it once.

Everything is awesome just waiting for sensitivity to be added so I can turn it down

I remember being a tester for this game, I just got it back and I love it, keep up the good work

Needs a better optimization (barely playable).

This is a really good and fresh restart (sort of) and it feels polished, with the exception of the main menu and customizaton stuff, hope you guys keep it up!

All the characters are a single shade of pink during combat. Also there is no shop or decisons for loadouts. I hope when they bring back the other stuff i keep my unlocks.

Really enjoying this game.

2.0 is going well, some people don’t understand. Anyway, keep going, the game is still great.

This used to be one of my favorite games.. idk what this new version is.. its a totally new game and is choppy as hell. I’m very upset because ive been playing since day one and had so many hours/days/weeks put into the game. I really hope they do away with the new version/netcode or whatever it is and bring back the old game everyone loved. Uninstalled until things change back or until the new build changes drastically. I shared my comments on the discord and saw many others who shared my opinion.

I loved this game now you guys made it utter garbage. I mean who’s idea was it to go 3d i mean it looked great without it now it’s ugly. Just why change it back!!!!!

2.0 is awesome game becouset of guns new skins new vfx new things and lot of new things upcoming

The only mobile game I play!! Best game out there!

I like it a lot! Can’t wait for a release

An Awesome 2d arena shooter

Love the game man keep evolving it and growing

Latest Update :


Introducing weapon variants: find your favorite mod
Help your team and trick the enemy with the new Cloak Ring ultimate
New “Krimson” weapon mods and “Offworld” arena
New and Improved Controller support with full key binding
Survival balancing and design improvements

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