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[Game] King Party – Multiplayer

King PartyKing’s Party: Become a King of Game’s Party

Join the party of funny mini-games with your friends. If you win, you are the King.

King’s Party is a massively multiplayer party knockout game through a series of challenging minigames. Play with your friends and you guys have to overcome minigames to win the high rank in the room.
Mini-game: The god will have a dead road and obstacles preventing you from reaching the finish line.
Mini-game mental math, challenge your mental math skill with the grumpy magic professor
A mini lucky game in that you must choose the protective shield at the right time the doctor cut the detonator red line.
Mini-game of running away from zombies at the ancient graveyard
Mini-game of running away from throwing mines
And other plenty of funny mini-games updated regularly.

Game Features:

UNLIMITED minigames in the game store
CUSTOMIZE your own room and your friends to challenge
OVERCOME challenges and get the rewards
GET badge of honor and gold coins and SHOPPING
INTERACT and CHALLENGE other players

Play King’s Party together, defeat foes to be the King’s Party

NOTE: The game is still early stage so stay tuned we will update regularly. This is not an easy game, do you have what it takes to be a true King?

King Party user reviews :

It’s ok for like a Stumble guys X Falls guys clone, but there’s not alot of animations, maps, or good skins. There more ugly then cute but ehh. It could use its own color of paint than completely stealing the look of stumble guys. Once you change that I will give more stars. This has potential, just don’t completely steal someone else’s homework. You can do it, I believe in you.

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at[at]

Because this game is the best and you can earn so many apps and I mean you can earn so many avatars by playing the game and it’s so fun and you can just download it straight away right now this is the best game ever and you should play it and also this game is like a online game and like you can play with people that you don’t know but like you can’t chat but it’s fine though so like if you’re playing a game if you lose it doesn’t matter because sometimes you have three rounds and if you go to a

  • Thank you so much for your review! The team really happy to know that you enjoyed the King’s Party!!

It’s fun and all but it needs more maps and more game options .and if possible some random team game play. I would like it to be on a controller option setting too

Even if I play and secure top positions, the king pass points isn’t increasing at all. It’s stuck at level 1.

It’s a interesting game but my run button is on left side I want it in right side My left hand is not that much strong if run button is on right side I can play it easily so please solve my problem

Nice game overall. I really enjoy the types of games which we can actually play and every player gets to play no matter how they perform in previous mode. Graphics can be improved and some glitches can be resolved. Try adding more vibrant maps for same game modes

This game is hilarious and fun to play

Add multiplayer option and add create Room option i want to play with my friends but there is no option like others games

Great and fun game but so stupid too u can lost ur accaunt so easily when i click loging i accidentally click to not switch my data and bye my acc with lot of skins gone FOREVER

This game is good and have many unique maps but it need some improvements like I played only some few maps but when a new map came in my game so It glitched and my game is off it happened two times I did not get any new map only some few maps I am getting only . Hence I give 4 stars

For just the little bit I have played, this game seems fun! I can scents a bit of another game (hint, hint), but unlike it, I like how it’s not a “battle royale” style game. Would love to see this eventually make it over to steam!

I was enjoying playing this game.good time pass apk. But on 22 Nov 2022 one update came.I updated the apk but it was not opening after installing the update.So I uninstall it and then install it again. After installing I signed in to get my older profile. But once I signed it It’s displaying “Cheat Detected”. Disappointing.

  • Dear Mithun, I realize this is disappointing. We checked and saw an issue with our cheating prevent system, the fix for it will be released within today and you can login to the game and play normally after that. Thank you for playing King’s Party and send us the comments so we can improve the game day by day.

This game is good but the ENERGY thing is brutal! It s too low you can only play 5 game only and the one left energy will automatically force you to watch ads…. You can’t use that 1 left energy smmmssshh

This is just heaven! I was just searching game like this and this is truld good it’s also half addiction means nothing but excellent game by the developers . Thanks for this type of game. Pls make this type of amazing game, these are truly Over excellent keep it up

It is so fun I love sosososososososo much I will tell all the people I know and see

Nice game, game dev. Should make another game like this, but for low-end mobile its lag. Should fix this

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