Uboat Attack – Be captain of a real submarine

[Game] Uboat Attack

Uboat AttackDive into the deep sea with the ww2 naval wargame “Uboat game – Submarine torpedo attack” Be captain of a real submarine in tactical combat against ships from all over the water.

Get the best tactical weapons, suitable for different marine battles and become a champion navy fighter of underwater simulator.

Sink enemies’ armadas in Survival. Show honor in navy world and fight through the ranks to admiral of u-boat! Explore underwater areas of arctic wastelands, canyons, abyss, sunken temples to get tactical advantage in war and prepare an ambush.

Warfare in marine events, tactical missions and navy challenges to get resources in the game. Dominate the sea!

Dozens of real ships
Track warships and make your best shot.

Realistic damage
Intense combat might cause fire events, propeller failure and other damages. Choose your tactics by launching torpedoes.

Breathtaking graphics and locations
Enjoy every second in the game with realistic graphics, stunning visual, detailed U-Boats, warships and locations! You can change graphic settings to improve visuals or performance.

Comfortable controls
Intuitive controls, swipe left or right to navigate and zoom in or zoom out to see the best composition of blasts. But you will need skills to become a champion of the navy simulator!

Ready to fight in the naval warfare simulator? Launch the game and start to shoot and sink enemies

Not sure what wargame to play? Choose “Uboat game – Submarine torpedo attack”

Join real-time navy FREE wargame deep in the sea, armada is awaiting your commands, destroy enemy fighters with deadly torpedoes in intense and realistic 3D blitz shooter. Unique warship gameplay!

Warfare simulator is finally here! Action packed as any shooter. It offers both first person ship shooter simulator and deep strategic decisions

Uboat Attack user reviews :

This game would be awesome if they’d fix the ads interface. Game freezes often and you must back out and reload. It’s getting worse. They don’t respond to emails. Update. This game is backsliding. They’ve loaded up on more ads. The interface with the ads frequently stalls. It takes too long so to advance to the next level with all the ad glitches is an all day affair. Losing interest fast. If you’ve like me and enjoy a game, you stick with it. When it becomes a chore, time to leave. Never answer

  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re having this problem! We’d love to help, so please contact our support team at trofygames[at]gmail.com and they’ll help you get playing again!

Game has ads before and after every level. Even worse than that is after your done watching ads the game automatically kicks you out and restarts almost every time. Then when you get back to game play even if you beat the level it still makes you watch the ad then play the level all over again. Awesome game if it didn’t rip you off every level!!!!

  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re having this problem! We’d love to help, so please contact our support team at trofygames[at]gmail.com and they’ll help you get playing again!

The game in itself is OK even if it is a bit repetitive it is a good pass time. HOWEVER they need to fix the Advertising windows for the ads in between sessions : 1. The definition of the ads are SO BAD that you hardly understand what is the Ad about (then it does not give you any desire to go further…) 2. After the elapsed time of the Ad display the (X) used to close the Ad DOES NOT WORK: it keeps on sending you to the screen to download the game from the Ad… SO FRUSTRATING. I GIVE UP!

Fun game but gets boring quick. There are only 4 or 5 types of enemy boats to sink. I’ve play 500 levels. Sometimes the ads freeze and you have to reboot the game. Graphics and sound are great!

Way to many ads, even after ripping people off by charging almost $10 for no ads at the beginning and then still getting slammed with excessively long ads . That is just a rip off.And after sitting through royal this and garden that 500 times makes my hate them without even trying them. I understand you do this to make $$, but the ridiculous prices you and others charge, makes it impossible for people who don’t have money to burn. To bad. Hope your BMW gets a flat.

The game is fun and detailed an interactive when you’re at your command. But then everything changes as there’s two large advertisements before and after each mission 5 or 6 minutes of advertisement for 15 seconds of game time does not work for me. no thanks

So far good time waster which is what I’m after. I don’t buy games as I seem to get fed up with them after a wile so I put up with the adds but this game seems to have lot of Gambling type adds attached to it which tell you it won’t cost you any money to good to be true I think.

Nice game that does exactly as advertised. Not more, not less. The only drawback is publicity, normally an ad before the shooting session and another after the session. As the session can be quite short, you spend more time in ads than in actual game.

I got sucked in. Graphics are cool & a couple missions can present a challenge. The amount of ads is a huge turnoff. @ every turn there’s an add. I picked 1 set of missions called Liberation (name may be wrong). I complete all the missions. Nothing happens. So i complete the 40 raids (another subset of missions within Liberation) & absolutely nothing happens. Hell, i completed 106 raids and it says i haven’t completed the Liberation mission package! Game has potential. Just incomplete.

I enjoy the game, but it takes too many shots to down a plane! Really? 5 hits per plane? Rediculous! UPDATE! The planes are easier to shoot down now, but the game is a few seconds of sailing between several minutes of ad videos with every selection made to get back to the next voyage. Too much ads, not enough gameplay. I’m done with this…

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