Kingdom Boss – Embark on a mighty battle between good vs evil

[Game] Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG

Kingdom Boss  The team behind Dungeon Boss brings you a next level RPG packed with action, strategy, and adventure.

Get ready to embark on a mighty battle between good vs evil, in a realm that’s crumbling under the control of the Blight enemies. A powerful leader is needed to build an all-mighty combat squad of Epic Heroes who can grow the stronghold, overthrow the dark forces, and save the kingdom.

Gather the ultimate super force and go to battle with an army of 40+ upgradeable warrior heroes from wild genres. Equip heroes with magic items and weaponry and coordinate their attacks in real-time battles. Unlock new upgrades and abilities as you develop their strengths, plus reveal dark secrets through the Rune System.

When an empire is at stake, only the strongest will win the hero wars. Strategically build your formation and unleash the powerful Ultimate Abilities in combat to smite your enemies. Be victorious over evil and dominate the PvE arena, upgrading your stronghold and climbing the leaderboard with every win.

In this fully rendered 3D Online RPG, strategize your Heroes’ abilities and attack skills to battle it out in stunning landscapes. Be shoulder to shoulder with your heroes as you navigate their environment amidst dragons and villains who come from the shadows.

Strategize your hero teams to go to battle in the PvP Arena, earn rewards and climb the ranks. There will be only one champion.

As you expel the forces of the Blight, your kingdom works for you even when you’re away. Your army troops continue to watch over your realm, wage wars, defend the land, and collect resources from the Expeditions you set them. Reap the rewards of strategic idle gameplay on your return.

Are you the rightful leader of Dominus? Take on the challenge you were destined for.

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Kingdom Boss user reviews :

Awesome game & good hero’s for battle. Only 1 problem , my game has dropped 5-6 times just working through campaign. I love the game so I’m just assuming it’s because game is new & still working out the kink’s. Strictly positive vibes.. changed my star rating for 2 stars . I give up. Game won’t play longer than 5 minutes without dropping to home screen. It’s frustrating because I have a brand new phone and game is awesome just just impossible to play. Hopefully things will change and I’ll reload
  • Hello, thank you for letting us know this. We’re happy to hear you enjoy the game, but we’d also like to help with any crashes or performance issues. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team using the in-game support button or at
Amazing game. Characters are very unique and the gameplay is smooth as hell. There is not a paywall which is rare for idle rpgs. They award you with enough resources in order to get great characters. What I like the most is they don’t force mirco-transactions down your throat! Great job developers. I’ll be here awhile.
  • Thank you so much for playing and leaving a detailed review. We’re happy to see you’ve enjoyed the game thus far!
Totally fed up. The game no longer loads. I get a message “unable to connect to server” no matter how many retries, flushes of game cache, or phone reboots nothing works. I even foolishly contacted the game devs hoping for a reply….. Foolish, foolish man. Sad thing is I really enjoyed the game and wanted to play the same account on my pad, but alas not to be.
  • Hello, if you haven’t please be sure to reach out to our support teams for additional help. They’ll be able to pass any issues over to the team for review. You can reach them at
Fun game, passable graphics Honest complaints: 1. Loading is a bit slow, not sure if it’s my device or it is a server thing. 2. Sometimes crashing during in-game 3. Also The Syndicate Whisper’s voice is still audbile when all the sound settings are muted. Not so whispery – Please fix? :)
  • Thank you for the feedback. We’ll be sure to share with the team. If you continue to notice performance issues, don’t hesitate to use the in-game support button to reach our support teams.
Everything is enjoyable so far except the growing gold cost. Just a day in, and seeing how much it’ll cost to upgrade gear in addition to everything else you need it for was demoralizing, to say the least.
  • Thanks for playing! Be sure to collect from your treasury and complete daily quest to earn more resources.

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