Kingdom Wars2 – A new story continued

[Game] Kingdom Wars2

Kingdom Wars2Simple game play! Features growth and strategy!

A new story continued from the Kingdom Wars saga.
Various characters and stages are available

Game features

Various stages such as infinite mode and scenario mode
Over 100 unique units
Various skins according to the character’s level
Get hidden treasures in each stage and activate various bonus options
Strategic and unique play using 3 boost items and defense facilities
Effective combat through 3 modes such as Attack, Defense and Retreat

Kingdom Wars2 user reviews :

It’s a niche but fun game. If you played stick wars or kingdom wars then you know what you’re getting into. If not we’ll just try it out it needs minimal storage and is an enjoyable game. One problem I have with the game is that I did experience losing my game progress and it reset everything I did. Just wondering if that was a bug or not.

It’s a bit different than the first and not as polished. Lots of the units are bugged and do not respond correctly during battles. but it’s still just as fun if you can tolerate the buggy units.

This game is great. It is simple, but great. It doesn’t confuse you much and it can make you win, with challenges of course, but you have a high opportunity to win. Also it doesn’t have many ads. Amazing!

Was fun till I went to the Arena and seen the selection you get to choose from to battle, rigged imo. But it would be kinda cool to get items from that shop, too rigged to do so. Gave 2 stars cause it is neat game, but the rigged part I am done playing for now. Do understand the rig now, sad to realize

This game is good but need more stage and more character and add a lot of developer please add more stage more mission and more super legends

Just started playing for awhile. I noticed that when you retreat your army and then make them fight again, my army just seem to go across the enemy instead of fighting it. I do not know if this is really part of the game or not. The welcome experience is kind of meh. The concept is not that much new for me. This is like stick war (a game that i had played before). Good animation but could be better. I also noticed that the upgrades do not display anything so idk what stats is upgraded.

The only complaint is arena. Give me proper enemies that I have chance to defeat. Otherwise, as I have not payed a single cent, I have obtained super legendaries also. Arena is the only issue. Strategy wise better then battle cats for sure.

Can you add the opportunity to get more un obtained characters whatever rarity it is in every draw because it’s hard to come by waiting for a week trying to get the wanted character so please add the prospect of getting limited time characters in the diamond to super legend draws even if a slight amount of percentage but can still get the other limited time characters even if it’s not the featured ones.And please also add the option to roll new opponents in pvp after finishing the list thank you

Tha game is good and I like it but I think it’s better if you can connect you’re account to other social media so you can still get back you’re account if you lose it.

Game is actually pretty good :) the fact that I loved medieval fantasy games and fighting monsters. Plus it’s an improvement from the first game which is also very good game. Hope you add more contents and adventures soon :) A bit of a problem though, please fix the cloud save system since we can only save it once a day or cannot even save sometimes and also the daily reward system. So it’s only 4 star

I would love to give this game a good review like the first one but i just can’t. Let’s begin from the good stuff: -graphics (not that the old one was bad, it is just different) -character variety -better translation Now the bad stuff: -buggy troops, many will just stop attacking for whatever reason or run on the spot -ads for turning off your screen (every time you turn off and on the screen you get an ad, no matter what) -ads for everything, it’s better to waych ads than to play the game…

Congratulations on this game. It seems to be going on the right. But it still has many unpolished features. Couldn’t find a bug report/feature suggestions so I’ll sum it here. -Half of the buttons do not seem to be working, namely the sign in/save/load -treasures page have the treasure name cutter in bottom half. Don’t know if there is additional info but there is no clear how to get the treasure. -opening the menu opt press back and immediately after press the close causes the menu to disappear

Hello. Despite this game always crashes, I’m still pursuing it. The Graphics are excellent and I played the older version kingdom wars. The battle has improved much in this version. My problem is that of the arena coins. Every update my coins always go back to 0. The level I have completed also goes back to where I have started on that day when I loaded even though I have saved the game before after those stages. It’s dissapointing. But I am enjoying the offline battle and upgrades…

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