Wind-up Knight 2 – Crazy new mechanics

[Game] Wind-up Knight 2

Wind-up Knight 2High-end platforming gameplay in a beautiful 3D world!
Your favorite clockwork automaton is back with a bigger world, crazy new mechanics, and even more insidious levels!

Double jumping over a spike trap while diving sword-first into a crazed Hippogriff never looked so good!
Checkpoints, Bouncy Pads, Ice Blocks, Warps, Rolling Boulders, and a whole slew of new mechanics!
Think you’ve got a level beat? Think again! Side-quests in every level force you to think outside the helmet!
School your leaderboard friends by playing a daily challenge on just one life!
Use power-ups and items to play your way.

Wind-up Knight has been played by ten million people. Wind-up Knight 2 turns all the dials up to 11.

Wind-up Knight 2 user reviews :

Only includes 7 levels. I actually bought the “full” version years ago, but there’s no way to restore purchases. Not even when signed in. Tried to contact support 2 ways, through email and their in-app linked Zendesk form, but no response other than automatic emails confirming that I contacted them. I spent money on the first game, and I spent money on this one, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve gotten all 7 levels to S-rank and done all side quests, so there’s nothing left for me to do.

Great game, well the first 7 levels anyway. Wind-up Knight was the best as it rewarded all the levels to you if you got all of the bonus stuff on every level before the next book. I thought this would be the same until I fully beat level 7 and tried to play level 8. Again wonderful game and graphics are even better than the first one but get rid of the pay wall for a 5 star rating.

While the paywall is a bit disappointment, the contents, level of difficulty and machenisim are much more diverse and intuitive than the first windup knight. Yet the game stays true to its core and value which is extremely respectable. There are so much to talk about the windup knight 2 which cannot be summarised this short review. One thing that stops me from purchasing the game would be the lack of update which is probably the biggest complaint of the game.

there’s no button or gesture to jump in the training session. please look into the matter asap coz i think many people are having the same issue as I’ve read in the comments section! Really loved the previous version of wind up knight and m sure this one will be fun too!!

One of the funnest games ever. Worth paying for the full game (it’s just a few dollars), and the levels are still good to re-play.

Playing this after the prequel, the game was not challenging at all. Checkpoints added very often, NPC hit box doesn’t make sense sometimes, and most importantly the first game gave you a purpose to unlock levels as you progress with a better score which gave it a purpose to be played, this one didn’t.

And just like its prequel, it doesn’t work anymore, though unlike its prequel, it doesn’t crash, but just stay forever in the first loading screen, before the main menu.

Good idea fun. Too easy to press wrong control Please update option player able to manage control button position will be great.

Just say it is a runner up front. There is lots of room left in the description. I wouldn’t have had my time wasted and you wouldn’t have gotten a three-star (“neutral”) review. You got my hopes up for something like Swordigo, but since there is no control, forget it.

Love this game. When I get a new phone, I dont mind doing the levels over again.

It’s a great game, but too bad, i can’t restore purchase for this game when i changed my phone

Awesome game…but the unlocking items are ridiculous ever….plz fix this…and make wind up knight 3

Very amazing and suspenseful game.No words about this game to say

With the addition of checkpoints, and sometimes very RNG-feeling luck needed on some secrets, the game has lost its charm since the original. Not to mention the constant pestering to push you towards visiting the pointless daily levels, and to top it all off with the steep price tag for a small running game… Meh… Go play the first one if you want to enjoy yourself.

I just bought the game full price ($6.49) and it’s lagging and also having the avatar jump when I’m not pressing anything. Game glitches and the avatar slows down/speeds up randomly. Played the first wind-Up knight which is great but not impressed with the game glitches for wind-Up knight 2.. would like the game app fixed pronto! First game app I paid full price for and just really not impressed. I might request my money back if I see no changes, that’s how bad the game app is with the glitches. Thanks!

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