Kungfu Heroes – Become a martial arts legend

[Game] Kungfu Heroes – Idle RPG

Kungfu HeroesEmbark on a thrilling journey from martial arts rookie to legendary hero in the unique dark Wuxia world!

Game Highlights

Effortless Mastery, Swift Heroism
Become a martial arts legend with easy AFK idle gameplay! Enjoy seven days of rich rewards, wield powerful weapons and martial arts, and stand out as the hero of legends.

Challenge Me, Watch Them Scatter
Master deadly martial arts, collect top-tier gear, and tame adorable pets. Level up with iconic moves like the Dragon-subduing Palm and One Yang Finger, dazzling foes with stylish martial arts!

Supreme Heroes, Collect Them All
Assemble your dream team from 15+ unique heroes! Each with their own skills, deploy them strategically, and dominate the martial arts scene!

Premium Draws, Abundant Resources
Draw for top-notch equipment, martial arts skills, and cute pets with ultra-low summoning requirements. Get a minimum of 500 daily draws, skyrocketing your power in no time!

Hidden Treasures, Endless Fun
Explore hidden paths, join the Hua Shan Martial Arts Tournament, chase the Sacred Thief, battle the Golden Army, and unravel secrets. Count on hefty rewards to keep you hooked!

Official Links
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61554884805887
Official Customer Service Email: cskr[at]itrigirls.com

Join “Kungfu Heroes – Idle RPG” now! Live your martial arts dream with simple yet captivating gameplay. Become the legend in the martial arts world!

Kungfu Heroes user reviews :

Its a kind of fun easy game. Music has that retro feels. Art is nice as well. The ads is kind of a turn off though. Like, you have to watch ads to get some rewards.

It advertises packs at 9.99 in store though I’m in NZ when you clicked it yesterday it tried to charge me 11.30 USD which is significantly more in NZD so I mentioned it in feed back . Now it still says 9.99 but when you click it it trys to charge me 20.99NZD . The issue here is 9.99 converted to NZD is only 16.26 ….. And it’s costing even more then it did yesterday

  • AAA13kPHXrVb

the fact that i cant purchase in game makes it annoying as this type of games need to purchase to make a fast progress. Overall still a Trash game. Gotta find other games to spend money.

  • Hello there. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please contact us via our Facebook homepage. Wish you a good day.

AD VIP WHAT??? I Got to say, I am insanely impressed by just getting a VIP reward from watching ads like yes thank you take all my brain cells . As for the story and graphics are just amazing as the AD VIP reward, or better even. Keep up the outstanding work!! You have my full support

It made me lose my character progress on another server and no way to get it back because of a busy server and forces me to reset and I. can’t get back into my server and I need it back

  • Hello there. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please contact us via our Facebook homepage. Wish you a good day.

This game is bad…it wasn’t designed to link to Google account when I first play and made some purchases using the account in phone. And I can’t link them and could only login using my Google account now. Seriously a waste of time and money

  • Hello there. We also want you to enjoy yourself playing our games. And you are welcome to let us know if you have any comments or suggestions which we will consider very seriously.

Easy to grind, though it’s not offline but you can earn qi while being idle, good for f2w players, no constantly popped out ads

This game is good because it’s have self Afk so you can grind even you are offline it’s great because its a great advantage

the game is good. but the gameplay is laggy.

  • Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Our development staff will consider your suggestions carefully and work hard to provide you with the perfect gaming experience.

its fun and not htat boring game like others and pls add more event to eatn god items

Just play for less than 20 mins it ask for review with gift. So far experience is good

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