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[App] White Memory

White Memory  The heroine, who lost her memory and face in a traffic accident, winds up in a happening at her grandmother’s mansion.

Can you believe the shocking truth that she finds on her way to solve the mystery to retrieve her memory?

“White Memory” is application to enjoy the love of men and characters who individual hero and ( you).
You can play simulation game ( otome game) on your smartphone easily!

With feature-rich and simple operation, please enjoy the thrilling story that occurs within the mansion full of mysteries..


Tohko, her memory and face lost in the accident, steps into the luxurious mansion, just as told by Matsushita the lawyer.

Her grandmother who treats her with a cold attitude because she is the child of her daughter who ran away from her, Chief maid Sanae who is as kind as a real mother, the young servant Yasuhiro who seems to know about her past, Kaido the private doctor with his over-friendly attitude..

Was the accident really an accident?

Does she really belong to this mansion?

What is the ghost whose face cannot be seen, that appears time to time, trying to say?

Prepare yourself to open the pages to the gothic suspence story of searching for true love and your true being, in the mansion full of mysteries!


Tohko Masaki ※ name can be changed
Age: 18 years old
In a traffic accident, she has lost her memories, and her face was burnt. Her face was recovered by plastic surgery.
Her mother was the only daughter of a former zaibatsu conglomerate, but refused political marriage and eloped with her tutor to give birth to Tohko. Her parents are already deceased.

Takanori Matsushita
Age: 29 years old
The butler to the Nishinokura family, and legal advisor as well.
His family has served this role since his grandfather.
He accomplishes his responsibilities for the Nishinokura family in a cool and hard-boiled manner.

Yasuhiro Ogino
Age: 19 years old
The newly recruited servant to the Nishinokura family.
Optimist and easy going guy.
He seems to know something about Tohko before losing her memories…

Tomoya Kaidou
Age: 27 years old
The private doctor of the Nishinokura family.
He inherited this position from his foster father after he retired from age.
He is in charge of Chiyo’s health management.
Always joking around, but actually has a sarcastic personality hidden inside.


Illustrator: GESO.
Scenario Writer: Morita Midori

Features of this application

Beautiful illustrations, many recording!
It is equipped with save / load, skip, and backlog, a function that is easy to play gap time smartphone.

The basic information

Free download
Memories needed: at least 50MB

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I like Mystery.
I like girls’ comics, romance novels, and romance.
View of the world Gothic dying.
I want to play willingly free love game.
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About the supportive company

About HuneX Company,
we are with the spirit of 「Bring the dream, emotion and bravery to more people.」 and have created many kinds of social games until now. We now try our best to make good use of our knowledge and skills to produce the mobile app games with high quality.

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White Memory user reviews :

Really really easy to play for free, which I always appreciate! You can watch ads to get more tickets so you can read longer, as many as you want. The story itself was decent but the MC had quite literally no personality, and she and the love interests didn’t have meaningful interactions because of that. I think the characters were all on the poorly defined side, so only 3 stars. The translation could use some work too, but is absolutely understandable. Overall enjoyed it!

I experience that the game has not been well developed when I use this there is a difficulty that the screen of the scene cannot be seen if you dont open the back log you cant see the scene or the script of the characters

A really decent good story with nice characters and a twist. Nice price too. I really liked it.

Love it…. Easily skips over previously read parts AND it’s a choice of being free or paid. You can even reread the parts you already read for free and make different selections (need tickets to go through unread part of these different selections). 75 tickets per day. It’s like reading a shall we date episode for the day.

It has a good story. I wish that there are more save slots, but it’s simple enough that you didn’t truly need more anyway. The good endings except mr. Butler is a no go for me (especially dr. Kaidou’s) but well, it depend on the people actually. Anyway, better don’t download this if you wouldn’t/couldn’t buy this. This is worse than many free vn. You could only read at the amount of 1-2 chapters everyday. At most 3 every few days. Buy or save yourself from the impatience (and or anger). It’s your choice.

Contact developer :


Game was Removed from Play Store

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