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Top HeroesOn this distant and mysterious continent, countless unknown miracles and challenges are hidden.

Here live magical creatures of various forms, each with their unique culture and profound secrets. Their legends and stories, filled with magic and myth, ignite the curiosity of every adventurer.

However, a powerful and terrifying dark force is spreading and threatening the peace and tranquility of this continent. Facing this dark tide, brave warriors from different races and cultures have stepped forward. They vow to unite and resist this evil force together.

In this passionate and adventurous game, you will play as a brave leader, leading these warriors through mysterious forests, ancient ruins, and dark caves to explore every corner of this continent. On the journey, you will encounter various wonderful creatures, uncover forgotten ancient secrets, discover hidden treasures, and fight against various powerful enemies.

Your wisdom, courage, and strategy will be the key to defeating the dark forces and protecting the peace of the continent. Rally your team, select appropriate equipment and spells, and fight for the future of this continent! In this grand adventure, every choice and battle is of great significance. Now, it’s time to embark on this journey to save the world!

Top Heroes user reviews :

This is honestly one of the best games ever. The right mix of challenge, simplicity, and fun. No problem chatting with other languages because theres translation. BUT there is an obvious and huge gap between paying and non-paying players. Theres also quite a number of limitation like choosing who to PVP with, rallies dont mean combined team power, unable to move bldgs or decide which and how many to put up, etc. theres some delay in the notifications of completed quests too. And ofc, bugssss

Just wondering if the whole game is just to follow the quest given in the top of the screen? It is so annoying, the 40 minutes of playing was just the top of my screen telling me to go to this place, kill so many of this enemy, rescue this specific villager that somehow the quest knows about even tho I have not seen them yet and no one have talked about them. Feels like you are not playing the game just following sesific orders with no alternatives to choose from. You are not really adventuring.

Overall experience playing this game is very good. The only problem is the events almost require you to buy from their ingame store. THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY IN APP PURCHASES. To the point almost everything can be bought. The event battlepass can never be finished by an f2p player. Actually, all event battlepass except for the daily quest battle pass. I wish f2p can actually finish the event while getting all the possible rewards.

1. P2W, one people can soloing entire guild -.- 2. Bad control on adventure, so bad. 3. Bad ai on adventure, you hit boss and there are other mobs far from boss, hero choose to kill that mobs instead the boss. 4. Bad UI, you have to touch precisely. Do you ever touch x button on ads and if you miss touch you open thier ads.. yes.. almost all this button are like that.

I’ve been really enjoying this game, a bit pricey for in-game ads if you wish to power up faster. Please make it to where you can rally alone again. Not everyone is in a guild or wants to be in one, so not being able to do those missions is an awful game design.

It is a fun game but there is room for improvement. Some of the prices of shop items are just laughably overpriced. I find that there are a lot of aspects of the game that were not clearly explained such as how guilds work. There are also way too many things to claim. You can spend 5 minutes clicking through all your rewards in 20 different menus and tabs.

It started off like a exploration game/RPG. Then after 30/40 minutes it became a MMO with bases and raiding. So now it’s a full time game with coordination with a ton of people at all hours of the day. Such a shame it started off so good too.

The game is fun with great potential, but it’s pretty glitchy & keeps freezing up. When the game freezes, I’m no longer able to control my players and they just continue moving wherever they want on their own, so they end up dying. The other problem is that I was put into a server with only a couple of English speaking guilds and honestly I’ve only seen very few English speaking players in world chat and guild chat. The game needs to match players better based on country & language spoken.

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