League of Angels Chaos – Embark on your journey to become a legend

[Game] League of Angels Chaos

League of Angels Chaos  League of Angels: Chaos is a fantasy Action MMORPG designed to give you the ultimate RPG experience on mobile.

Ragnarok has engulfed the world in chaos and the heavens themselves have been torn asunder. You, a champion of the gods, are the last hope to bring back order and restore the realm.
Embark on your journey to become a legend!

Game Features

Summon Angels Unleash True Power
Summon forth the Angels and wield their divine power!
Each Angel possesses mighty abilities that will change the tide of battle.
Attack, Defense and Support-orientated Divine Blessings add more strategy to the combat.

3 Legendary Classes Unique Combat
Choose from Dragoon, Mage or Archer, each with their own skill sets and play styles.
Dragoon – Champion of justice that fights to uphold honor and the glory of his order. Wielding massive blades on each hand, he is a whirlwind of steel and death on the battlefield.
Mage – Master of the elements that controls the primal forces at his fingertips. Possessing generations of knowledge, he can unleash devastating spells on his foes.
Archer – Deadly marksman that never misses her mark. Trained by the ancient elves, her mastery of the bow is unmatched even by the gods themselves.
Plus more classes coming in future updates!

Alliance Warfare Cross-Server Conquest
Participate in cooperative Raids, join powerful Alliances, fight across Cross-Server battlegrounds, and claim glory for your server!
Clash in spectacular battles solo or alongside your comrades in a highly immersive combat experience!

Forge Equipment Become A Champion
Collect all kinds of gear, including equipment sets and Divine weapons; Craft and enhance your way to greatness!
Forge Legendary Equipment, upgrade Set Attributes, build up your power to conquer the battlefield!
Charge into battle on mythical Mounts while and illuminated Wings.

Trade Freely In-depth Planning
Trade to your heart’s content at the Auction House! Find the perfect equipment or make a profit playing the market!
Carefully plan your resource management to get ahead of the competition!

Loot Loot and More Loot  Auto Progression
Every Instance, Boss, and Raid showers you with shiny loot.
Farm without lifting a finger with auto mode! Make progress even when you can’t access your phone!

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/LeagueofAngelsChaos
FB Group:  www.facebook.com/groups/loachaosofficial/
Discord:  discord.gg/a24Z7P3KGS
Website:  loachaos.gtarcade.com/

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League of Angels Chaos user reviews :

The game’s graphic, gameplay and an idea to steal the boss pretty impressive. This was my first time having an experience in stealing the reward and i kinda like it. There are many times where i was like what’s happening because the game didn’t clearly guide me during the new features. Otherwise i love it.

You have to double tap to receive each rewards, if it comes in 3 items, that 6 taps. I was tapping reward and upgrades the whole time i was playing for 1st hr. I have no idea whats going on ingame. At least i was able to read the quests. So many things popping up and takes you in so many instances while in middle of another instances. Just really lost in game. Doesn’t seem to be any fun at all

Game needs improvement. Too much clutter on screen with no way to close them. Characters are too small, you can’t see what your fighting. No cohesion to game. Feel like your just jumping all around with no purpose. Very pushy on getting you to spend. Hopefully will improve but for now am uninstalling.

For me there is a lot of lag. The enemy characters and also those who give quests disappear. I don’t know what I’m fighting and skill activation also lags. I hope this improves.

It requires some changes and make some mazor change like 1. We don’t understand where are we in the game look like all are same look 2. Need more back story line for the game 3. Have some more avatar for chose 4. Have a option of choosing your own Avatar 5. Have option of updating your avatar according your need 6. It have some bug related to internet 7. and please remove the Facebook option in front of the game view it’s irritating in the game And the game is asome but please change it .

So this game is interesting the most annoying thing is that after 5 minutes the game just kicks me out it’s really annoying and I would like this fixed please (my character ingame is ‘Chouka’ by the way) if you can get this fixed then I’ll definitely rate it 5 stars.

Ah after so much time the game launch but didn’t get on the expectations we want we get only three character atleast add 5 characters,good thing that I still didn’t find this a pay to win game and i hope you make this game more better

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