Legend of Almia – Resist the invasion of the dark forces

[Game] Legend of Almia – idle RPG

The appearance of the Black Dragon Nighold broke the tranquility of the Almia continent for thousands of years.

To resist the invasion of the dark forces, you will fight with various mythic heroes and start an epic adventure! In this fantastic and exciting journey, you will learn about the unknown 500-year history of the Almia continent and uncover the truth of its collapse!


The Western and Eastern Mythic Kingdoms have been in constant dispute for many years. However, the appearance of the Black Dragon Nidhogg created an unprecedented threat to the two mythic kingdoms. Will the mythic heroes of various countries fight together or continue to confront each other? The fate of this legendary continent is decided by you.

All attractive legendary mythic heroes will fight for you! Whether it’s Saint Gaia, Reaper Besefani, or Sword Princess Izayoi, add them to your collection!

No complicated gestures and strategies! Just earning rewards by AFK!

No fear of hero iteration and replacement! With settings such as Level sharing and return of training resources, new heroes can quickly reach their full Level!

The Legion Labyrinth gameplay has a roguelike element! You’ll never know if it’s a relic or a monster behind the door! Work up your courage and enter the maze for random rewards and mysterious treasures!

There are many incredible sights here: magma kingdoms with no sky, villages that lived on the remains of giant dragons, a huge tree that grows to the sky, and more. What forces caused the continent to be torn apart? Explore the mythic world and uncover the secrets of Almia!

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Legend of Almia user reviews :

I haven’t been playing for long but I really like the art. Gameplay so far is okay. Some mistakes text copy, voice acting is a little cringe. And I hate that there is a banner that goes across the screen constantly when someone gets something.

Love the game, play style and art style of characters. Storyline still at the beginning, hopefully will make it to the end.

Could you please add a feature where we can see if friends sent us friendship points or not? Some people are taking the friendship points I send but they’re not sending them back to me and I want to know who they are so I can delete them and add other players who send them back to me too. Thank you.

Definitely a gem. I’ve played many gachas, this is one of the most generous when it comes to game play rewards. Ads promised 365 draws, keep in mind that these rewards are earned throughout the campaign.

it has potential. the graphics are cute, and you won’t need to spend a lot of time unlike any other ‘idle games’.

I’ll be honest played just half h. Art is OK, played muted. Seems like okay gacha but as endgame player in afk arena I need more than “ok”. Some character designs are hit and miss. I’d say it’s decent anime/cartoon inspired game not sure How’s rates but got 4 5* on lv 8 do i guess good. Not sure about monetisation but yeah if you have time to spare go for it but it’s not anything extraordinary.

Fun and easy to follow and the characters look great and the graphics are good too just a bit slow and jumping sometimes just need a update to fix it and it will be good

It looks good but it asked for rating too soon and it’s a little on the simplistic side for graphics.

Pretty average. It plays like so many other AFK games. Since it just came out, this is just how it seems thus far. I also have only been playing for 5-10mins

I absolutely love this game so far. The last game I played that was similar I’ve played for over three and a half years now and I’m hoping this is the next one for me. So far I love everything about the game. And I don’t know when we make purchases right away but I couldn’t help myself with this one. I’m all in!

This game is good & I really like the design and style of this game. Unlike other idle games I played this one is the best so far. Worth of my time. 5/5

So far so good with this idle game. The artwork is nice, as is the translation. I’ll report back later once I have played the game. A little longer.

Love the art style, good for idle gameplay. Resources are not really scarce since you get loots on afk anyways. Still testing the game myself

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