Why not try this new Yukon solitaire

[Game] Yukon Solitaire

Yukon Solitaire Do you love the Classic Solitaire Klondike but think it is not challenging?

Why not try this new Yukon solitaire! This game has both Yukon and Klondike. If you think the classic one is not challenging enough, this game will be your best choice.

Game features:

Classic Klondike&Yukon card game
Beautiful HD graphics
Random or Winnable solitaire decks
Unlimited free undo
Unlimited free hints
Support auto finish mode
Support left hand mode
Record your personal high score
Detailed statistics
Support offline gaming

Solitaire games use to bring us countless happiness. This game will help you regain this joy while bringing you new challenges! Play this game with your family and friends now!

What are you waiting for? Download and experience this free, fun and challenging Solitaire game!

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Yukon Solitaire user reviews :

Yukon presents itself as a difficult game to play. However, once the style of play is learned, the process becomes more fun & easier. I enjoy playing & appreciate the added perks that help me complete the process with little fear of losing.

Simplicity is such a rarity with games now (most new games make me dizzy and blink a lot!). So, I am very appreciative and grateful for the simple, fun smiles this game gives me. And to the folks who created this online game and sent it my way: Thank y’all for being y’all. Really… Love, Kay

I find it very challenging it exercises the brain

It would be better and much higher were not for seeing distracting past and future things; the game is about here and now and not distractions about how I’ve lost or am losing and, personally I don’t need or want a hint; the reason I’m playing is to figure it out and not to have it given to me,and if so; what have I accomplished improved or over came ? Nothing; which is why I’m trying to use the game; those exercise to train and life is my victory; not a game or suddenly listen to music

I wanted to like this game. It has the important feature of keeping up with stats, plus it has a bonus game (Klondike). However, I don’t like games that don’t have an exit tab. But if restarting your phone to exit a game is not an issue for you, this game is for you.

If you’re new to Yukon, this app is simple and straightforward, very easy to learn the game.

Easy to play because it highlights suggestions.

I injoy playing the game only got one question why do the games show so much beautiful background views and when I install it there’s not a sight of any nature back ground . bird’s and a flower no beautiful background views of cities and towns well I could go on and on but just asking isn’t that called faulce advertising just asking

Brings back memories. Haven’t played it in a long time

Love it, just one improvement would be awesome ~ stop giving futile hints

Challenges lvl in if he fun to play with the lightest upe letters because itespeefd up the game

This is the first time playing this game & I absolutely love it. What more can I say? I really love it. Keep up the great work & keep me busy and out of trouble.

Keeps glitching. Good game. Just too many bugs.

I enjoy playing. It helps me to relax

Very enjoyable and the pop ups are short

Fun entertaining piece by anxiety away I love fun games

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