Legends Scrolls – Save the cursed world for the truth

[Game] Legends Scrolls

Legends ScrollsLegends Scrolls is an idle RPG game.

Join the warriors all over the grand land of Adela to fight the darkness behind the scenes with your teammates, and save the cursed world for the truth. The five main elements of water, fire, wind, light, and dark will help you all the way! Start your adventure now!

Over 100 heroes with disparate elements and attributes are from various factions. Summon the legends with unique backgrounds and races to pursue respective dreams and battle your way to the top of Legends Scrolls.

Set up your heroes diversely to build a team in different ways for the honor of legends. Arm your heroes strategically with copious combat strategies to match your favorite battle style.

Darkness eventually descends, and uncanny signs wake the legends up. To rescue those innocent people from being submerged by evil. You are the chosen one who will lead the heroes to investigate and fight against the demons.

Feel free to stay away from your phone, Level up while you are AFK, and auto-pass the dungeons with your mighty line-up. Just don’t forget to jump back into the adventure to pick up the rewards that your heroes reaped for you

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Legends Scrolls user reviews :

I love the game. Been playing for around a month now. There’s allot of gifts and different things to do to earn everything but for the past couple days it has reset some of my points for the water and fire and everything else I’ve been disappointed in it for the past couple days on the verge of uninstalling.

Game makes you rate 5 star for reward at start of which I did now I’m giving review after a few months of play the fact I’m still playing after a few month sums up how good this game is I usually uninstall after a pay wall hits after couple days . I can still spend hours aday playing this, progress opens up more events and there is alot todo. You can spend to progress faster or buy the best toons quicker but it doesn’t stop you if you don’t spend. Rarely does a game deserve 5/5 .

I highly recommend it to everyone having an interest in a 2D game. The graphic is good and the animation is wonderful Impressive character graphic design, and their ability animes looks cool which makes the fight interesting. It might cost you some money if you are going to chase for high CP. But it’s almost a F2P game if you are just playing to collect these cute characters and enjoy their events like me. Recommened.incredible game! it’s my first day and I’m really enjoying it so far.

I like the game so far, the Devs are generous and appreciates the players, the characters and skins are top tier as far as art and voices. The big problems are there is nothing to really do but wait for events and just like any other idle games wair for offline resources. Will edit later as i play further

So from the adds this game looked like it would have more of a Halloween feel to it but the only area that feels that way is the main town area. & the what looks like ever escalating # of summons you have to do to get the Guaranteed rare is dumb first 10 then it just keeps going up look you only need 20 now & next time 21 need more Variety on the heros like options for making a team of assassins or a CC team. Give us some Halloween heros with a dark/ grim feel to them

I’m pleasantly surprised. This is one of the best 2d idle games I’ve played in a long time. I downloaded today and been playing for 5 hours straight. Can’t find any bugs. I’ve had no problems at all. Lots to do. Music is good. The colors are well chosen and good to the eyes. It is a very active and friendly game. Refreshing for an idle game. Kudos for your efforts Dev. I’m a fan now

I enjoy the story quite a bit. I wish they could afford to make a good adaptation into a anime series. The game is a hero summon, gear grinding, RPG with story and PVP. All in all I’d say the game is worth a shot.

I like this game, so far, just started it, second review, it’s just getting better! Really liking the gameplay, graphics, and being able to level up quickly is a definite plus!

Its very fun and simple The character designs are gorgeous and very beautiful The gameplay is very simple too and it makes the game so much bette… I copied it n it kinda cut it off lol! Don’t cheat putting words in your players mouths!

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