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[Game] Airship Knights – Idle RPG

Airship KnightsAfter hearing the rumors of the Constellation Hallows that awaken inner strength,
the knights are gathering on the Starry Coast…?

Use the sand shovel to find the Hallow Fragments hidden somewhere on the tiles!
Use the water gun to blast multiple tiles at once!
Enchant your sand shovel to dig faster!

New Knights: Spring Fairies

The fairies’ spring festival held in the deep forest!
If you become obsessed with dance and music, you might be in big trouble..!

Sakura, the kind cherry blossom miko
Laila, the calm lilac lutist

“An arcane punk world where airships fly through the sky.
You are the first airship captain from Cloud Island!”

Break through the infinite stages with AFK play and become a legendary hero!

Board the airship and Fight in ‘Time Attack’ Idle Battles
A 10 seconds match! Defeat the monsters in time and advance!
Combat and growth are automatic so increasingly stronger enemies won’t be any problem for you.

An adventure story that blends magic and engineering
Lose yourself in this animated fantasy world.
Double the immersion with the unique story of each knight, and the battles are more exhilarating!

Get stronger with ‘returns’ in this endless journey
Once you feel the limit to your endless journey, open the portal and go back to the beginning!
With more power, you will be able to travel even farther.

With a powerful engine, upgrade to have the strongest airship
Enhance your magic engine to quickly increase your combat power!
Manage 8 cabins including the Control Room, Engine Room and Research Room to strengthen your airship.

40 Pixel Knights with incredible looks and abilities!
Create your own party with knights with various attributes and positions.
You can help your knights grow in various ways, such as promotion, awakening, and equipment.

Explore the World Map for a wider world view
Arena: 1:1 PVP to unveil powerful knights
Elemental Island: Battle with the White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Blue Dragon, and the Red Bird!
Soul Dungeon: Challenge the dungeon to upgrade to the Knights Templar.
Sky Tower: Conquer the tower filled with monsters and uncover ancient secrets.
Raid: Subdue bosses with friends and acquire familiars!
Temple: The Promotion Battle of the Captains! Overcome the trials of the goddess.

Airship Knights user reviews :

The Story, The BGM, The Character is all good, yes it is a repetitive game with go back to base to upgrade your level, give it a try, its good even there is so many similiar game out there. After updated 4 hours a go, everytime i change equipment for a character, the screen always turn in to infinite loading time, this is happen everytime i change my character equipment.

This game is a good time waster. It’s fun and is a bit addictive. After the most recent update, however, every time a new gear is produced, equipped or modified for a new sub Stat increase, it stays stuck on a loading sequence. Please, fix this before other people get frustrated.

This game is one of the best Idle game I ever played. Not too much time consuming, the story is good, lots of diamonds for new players, the ads is optional to watch and the reward it self quite good (best part is they have something like stamp card which used for getting accumulated reward for watching ads). Really want to give it 5 stars, but the game sometimes freeze when changing between content in world map.

So, I’m actually really enjoying my time here with this game but it keeps getting stuck endlessly loading things and never moving forward which is incredibly frustrating. If that can be fixed, I’d greatly appreciate it. Additionally, I’m personally not a fan of the English voice work. I find it very cringey. If you could either add in access to other voice languages without changing the system language or fix your volume options so cutscenes at lowest volume are actually muted, would be great.

This game is very fun, I like the story being told and just love the idle RPG element, but there has been problems recently, I can’t seem to get the app to work, everytime I try it just kicks me out. It might have something to do with the new update recently. I was about to play Airship Knight, waited for the loading screen, notification popped up saying to download an update, I clicked download. waited for the download but then suddenly phone crashes, rebooted my phone, app has problems fix pls

Fun game, fine pixel graphic, nice story. Free to win aproved, ads is helpful for both players and dev since it gives good amount of bonus for players and theres no forced ads watch. **Edit : after spending time for a while on this game found out later progression is so slow and need to online or no progression at all, this is kinda broke the concept of idle game.

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