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[Game] Light House

Light HouseIsometric puzzle, based on light physics. 100+ unique levels for the most persistent and clever gamers!

There is forgotten fireless lighthouse in the sea. Use mirrors, portals and other tools, deliver energy and set light to the lighthouse again!

Light House user reviews :

I once played a game whose developer had a “pay as you like” option. I enjoyed the game so much that after finishing it, i paid an amount that i usually spend when purchasing similar games on Play Store. I was beginning to love this game. I would probably have even bought the game. But the strategy of “pay for unlimited attempts” is an extreme insult. Moreover, the controls are so finnicky that it is easy to lose a chance simply while resizing the scene and accidentally tap a bulb. Horrible.

Controls don’t always work (mostly the dragging. The puzzles require precise timing at parts and if a single tap doesn’t register you’ll have to start over) and they punish failure with making you buy it. Expect a lot more fast-paced puzzles that challenge reflexes. The puzzles are good. A huge amount of the reviews are fake, praising graphics or mental development. I bet this would be 2.5-3.5 stars if the reviews were all legitimate. Aside from this, it’s fun, but the issues really suck.

Amazing game. Why 3 stars? Please reconsider your retry structure. Giving 3 attempts and then asking to pay, made me uninstall. Made it till level 92, engaged to each level. Figured the logic and ran out of attempts at 90 and locked out of further levels. Asking to pay lost you a DAU. PS: Closing the game through clearing RAM and coming back helps avoid Retries

Wow! Banana development, all I can say is that, this app is very beautiful, and amazing. I’m so glad to found this. Though it only took some space, yet it was very fun, entertaining, addicting and perfect. This is the kind of app that really boosts your thinking skills! Please, add more levels so that players could enjoy more, including me. Keep up the good work, and continue to create helpful apps! Thanks

  • We are pleased to hear these kind words P.S.

It is really a very nice game for those who like mind chalanging games. It has really superb levels to play. Just one objection that it is only 50 % free and only half of the packs are open and we need to purchase more levels. As yoy like the game, it asks you to buy the next levels. Other than this, all set !

Simply Amazing…sucks that I finished the game but am look forward to the challenges you throw at us next…one suggestion would be to have like a a mode that is endless…ramdomly generates levels using th componts in the game…this will add a new dimention and challenge to the game…good job buddy keep up the good work…

Not too difficult but occasionally challenging. Levels often take just a minute or two so good way to fill small pockets of time. Can’t wait for more levels!

It gets challenging pretty early on. Be prepared! Sometimes you can take time to think it thru. But you mostly have to think quickly. Simple, but never easy.

Awesome puzzles. But if you fail enough times, you have to pay to continue, or it just doesn’t let you play

Most of the time tapping on lamp or mirror nothing happens. Seems like you have to target a few specific pixels to make it work.

The game desarve 5 star. amazing thought, brilliant graphics. With all this the game is fabulous. Well done…… Wishing you “ALL THE BEST” But sometimes it be difficult. Don’t worry I will manage it

One of the best puzzle games I’ve played. Gameplay is really interesting but its not totally free, you’ll have to pay in-game to get the full version.

I really enjoyed to play this game…..that’s why i give 5 star to this game…..but i suggest the developer if they include something like role playing which will make this game more enjoyable……best ever puzzle game if there is any relation with ship will be great but sorry to say it’s simply a puzzle game

The game is brilliant. But i have a problem with the restarts. Whenever i try to play an ad to get it, it won’t start.

Really a good game but there should be an option for hint as when you get stuck, you cannot go on next pack. I am stuck on 14th pack’s 5th level.

It’s absolutely fantastic game to play and it improves our bad(longer)usage of smart phones as you can now use it for your improvement!!!

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