Little Pandas Pet Salon – The little panda needs your help

[Game] Little Pandas Pet Salon

Little Pandas Pet Salon  Little Panda’s Pet Salon is open for business!

With so many customers, the little panda needs your help! There are so many fun jobs you can do!

In the Little Panda’s Pet Salon, you can become the owner of a salon to make pets up and make their hair and nails look pretty! My dears, come and run your own Pet Salon!

A kitty comes to the salon for her skin care and makeup! First give the kitty a spa treatment with the cucumber milk face mask, then make her up with foundation, blusher and eyeliner, and finally apply lipstick to her. Wow, what a pretty kitty!

Make the sloth’s nails look pretty! 8 kinds of colorful nail polish and 16 stickers for you to mix and match! Add some adorable stickers and bows to nails to please your customer!

A puppy comes to the salon for a new hairstyle! How about dying it a rainbow color? It’s this year’s hottest trend! Don’t forget to use the curling wand to give the puppy big lovely waves!

Hairpin, necklace, sticker… There are countless accessories in the salon! Pick out beautiful decorations for your pets! Maybe a nice sticker will make Mr. Snail become the most attractive one!

The trendy pet is showing off its looks on the stage! Quick, take some pictures and post them in the Salon Album!

Ding-dong! Another pet has come to the salon! Let’s do another creative makeup!

5 kinds of pets for children to make up;
Over 20 minigames for children to experience the whole makeup process;
Over 200 tools for children to unleash their creativity and mix and match to create the trendiest style.

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Little Pandas Pet Salon user reviews :

Pretty boring I would love if it had more mystical fantasy creatures And simulation but good job 3 stars

It is so cute I can barely process how cute it is I’m going to lose my mind explode I don’t know what I’m going to do the pretzel just I don’t even know what to say I just way too cute I can’t I can’t do anything about it I just wish you came to life

This is so cute it’s amazing and this is amazing and this is why i give it 5stars

It is a very nice game. MY Granddaughter loves it. But a time a go it stopped working. You must work on it.

This game is the best game for 4 year’s to 8 years kids. This game could delovop our brain. They could learn how to makeover the pets , keep them clean , take care of them and hair style their hair and colour it. So, what do you think that this game is good for kids . All baby panda games are good. Thank you

This is a nice game but it repeats the same pets but I like the game

This is a really good game, the reason I only give 4 stars is because the game take my phone battery so fast and in the middle I play the game there is adds. Just fix that, thank you.

It was a fun game. However, it wastes lots of battery and sometimes glitches. If they fix it, I might give 5 stars. Fortunately, it’s fun and has nice music.

good game for kids! atfirst I also loved it but as the characters came the same I used to be bored….sloth is the worst animal which wants nail art and which is very boring…. So ,it deserves only 4 stars…

When we get bored and want some fun it’s the best way for enjoy . You can play with your family and friends . Thanks for the best game ever. There are many different ways but I think not to tell you all, That how much good it is.

This game is so cute When i played this it was the same animals that is okey for me also less adds and it wold be cool if you don’t put any adds for the paint and things like that so plese make it happen

This game needs more ratings no ads and it’s so amazing I didn’t know it was offline I really thought there would be a snake so I was scared but this game is still amazing

A very nice game for relaxing and getting more fun…And this is the best game company also….baby bus…there are so many people that were liking this game company very much and I also… I like only baby bus games only… more..

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