Baby Panda Breakfast Cooking – Start your cooking journey

[Game] Baby Panda Breakfast Cooking

Baby Panda Breakfast Cooking  Become a little chef, manage a restaurant and cook delicious food for guests!

Make coffee and hot milk; cook fried chicken and bake egg tarts.
It’s time for breakfast! What are you waiting for? Start your cooking journey and discover your cooking talent!

Make mashed potatoes
Can you make mashed potatoes? Boil the potatoes. Then peel and mash them. The mashed potatoes are complete! Wait! Don’t forget to sprinkle peppers on the mashed potatoes for a more delicious flavor! Scoop out the mashed potatoes and serve them to the guests. Observe secretly for any interesting response from the guests.

Cook chicken roll
Cut the chicken, cover it with flour and breadcrumbs, and deep fry until it’s golden yellow. Then serve with lettuce, carrot, and cucumber. Also be sure to spread with sweet cream and the chicken roll is ready! Wow! It looks yummy. You are an amazing chef!

Bake egg tarts
Baking egg tarts is not that easy. Give it a try and see if you can do it. Pour in milk and flour. Add eggs, stir egg tart mixture, and put it in the oven. Wait for the egg tarts to be ready! Watch the time so it won’t get burned! Countdown 3, 2, 1. Time is up. Get the egg tarts out!

Squeeze juice
Which fruit do you like? Watermelon? Apple? Or orange? Hey! Why not DIY a glass of mixed juice with your creativity! Scoop out the watermelon, cut the apple, and put them into the juicer. Press the button to start the machine. Let’s start making juice!

Here, you can also make stuffed buns, soy milk, fried dough sticks, and other food. Come and manage your own restaurant. Try to cook more delicious food to satisfy your guests’ taste!


Cook more than 10 kinds of delicious food: chicken roll, ham, coffee, egg tarts, and more!
More than 30 ingredients to choose from: eggs, breadcrumbs, coffee beans, and more!
5 kinds of fruit: apple, watermelon, orange, grapes, and pear!

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Baby Panda Breakfast Cooking user reviews :

This game is nice but add more than food to cook and more ads

This game is amazing and i am love cooking

This is amazing, I love how the dish is created it look realistic and also the characters are cute I recommend this game to everyone it doesn’t matter if u are a grown-up or a kid every can play it really fun to play. I rate five adiós amigos

Hi i dont know what to say all of them are so good kianaz afshar 11/5 years old from montreal of canada thnx for the games of baby bus my little sister love them bye

I’m twelve years old but I’m still playing a game like this, it’s fun, but can you add more foods to the menu and add more people please? (The more the merrier)Thanks!

The game is quite exquisite I must say. Well all of your other games are great but I deleted the ones that were boring because it only had little recipes but you’ve got a ton of games for, well people that enjoy decent cooking games and have a lot of time on their hands. It kind of.. inspires people y’know? To become some sort of chef one day and enhances the learning of the great hobby called cooking What I’m trying to say is II good game is good II I’m trying talk like the other replies –

Thus, I don’t the cooking games but when I play this game I was enjoying the game and I also like all the baby bus games and Noww onwards I also download the all the cooking games in the baby bus if it is of ,For example – snack factory ,restaurtant etc. And it is also easy to play and the small kids of 2,3 years can also play this game .

I tried this game. And the other baby panda games when you play with them. And when you get more food. And you also get one coins to. Can you put more food and more coins in this game.

Great game for kids, my 2 year old cousin likes it Please add more option of foods and different customers in the game Keep up the good work

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