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LivedriveLivedrive, the leading online backup and storage service, lets you access docs, music, videos and pictures stored on your Windows PC or Apple Mac from anywhere.

Our desktop software will automatically back up your important files to your online account, and our Android app enables you to access those files securely from anywhere. Plus the app can automatically upload the pictures and videos on your phone to your Livedrive account.

Livedrive Mobile for Android lets you:

Automatically back up all the photos and videos on your phone or tablet
View your photos in full screen slideshow mode
View and edit your documents anywhere
Stream songs or videos from your account to your phone or via Chromecast
Share files with friends and family

Please note: This app requires a Livedrive account (monthly or annual subscription required). Sign up for a free trial at Mobile backup, file uploads and sharing from the app require a Briefcase or Pro Suite account.

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Livedrive user reviews :

I’ve been a user of Livedrive backup since 2012. The service is reliable and good value. I recently experience a drive failure and needed to use Livedrive to recover over 6TB of files. Livedrive did a great job and recovered over 99% of those files which I think is a great result.The feature set is however limited and encryption of files at rest would be a desirable feature. The frequency of updates to the x86 desktop client is also disappointing with no updates since June 2021.

I like the web and app for automatically backing up all sorts of files permanently to the cloud. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find files/photos/video later by anything other than date.

Reliable and easy to use. It has features that more expensive apps do not have. I appreciate the availability of the app on my mobile devices and the ability to view pictures without having to download them first. Highly recommend.

I don’t have “Mobile Backup” in the app (Android), why?

  • Hi Mikhail , The Mobile Backup functionality requires the Briefcase service, as files are uploaded by the app to a dedicated Mobile Backups folder on the Briefcase. If you require this feature, we would recommend upgrading to a Pro Suite account.

Streaming video is back working in full screen on S5. Though it does still sign you out on each phone switch off/on, other than that a great product & service.

It works fine for me. I can see all the files in my briefcase and backup section. No problem to stream them directly.

The list of folders doesn’t show the path of the original. When backups include the folders from various users, folders like Documents, Pictures etc can’t be differentiated. Also the spec says that photos are backed up automatically from phones and tablets. Buy I can’t find any record of them in Restore.

Mobile backup doesn’t work with the integrated sd feature of marshmallow, keeps saying “failed to query external storage”. Needs fixing to allow internal storage to be selectable, at least the DCIM folder…

Some earlier reviews highlighted some problems but since installing it on my Moto earlier this month it’s worked fine.

After update i am now able to login again. I don’t Recieve the error message Anymore. Works great. Thanks

The application is great. But I have a grudge table player of the application does not support the FLAC format. I hope, and it will be possible.

Love the new feature, I would however comment on the low upload speed (<150kB/s on Galaxy S5). Also I haven’t been able to upload more than a file at once. Option to upload whole folder would be much appreciated.

The old version worked just fine, but this is a long awaited update that takes Livedrive into the 21st century.

It would be simpler if pressing the files opened them instead of having to press and hold for the dialogue box. Can’t see why the default option is to get to the file details.

Generally works fine, but it takes ages to load gallery/slide show and usually crashes on the image viewer. When you download, the directory popup needs to be like Windows Explorer, NOT a typed in directory path. It makes it look archaic.

I actually would give this 5 stars as it uploads fast and easy setup. However, since I have over 30 years of personal images, thousands, it is important to see thumbnails of images instead of generic image placeholders such as JPG. When I need to find a certain pic, I can’t.

Not sure why anyone would leave 1star but this works as advertised! All you have to do is look for the sub menu to download, view, or play. Nexus 4 user here.

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