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[App] Webkey – Android remote control

WebkeyWebkey connects your Android devices and your computer via WiFi or internet.

Once devices are paired you can control and manage them from your browser.

What can I do with with my devices?
With Webkey service, feature availability depends on your access level to the device.
Some of them are readily available with Android, while others require rooting access or a signed Webkey APK.

Accessibility API polcy
If you find it difficult to use the touch screen of your device then with the Android Accessibility service you can control your device with your PC peripherals, like a touchpad, or keyboard.
You can revoke this permission at any time via the settings menu. Our app uses the Android Accessibility service for its core functionality and we do not collect or share any personal or sensitive data.

Important disclosure:
When using our app you may consent to the “screen recordings” on your device to be processed through our server used to connect your device to your Dashboard which is the core functionality of our application. This means that your data is uploaded to our servers with your consent. Screen recordings are not stored on our servers, only broadcast to your Dashboard in a browser.

Privacy policy disclosure: File information from your controlled device will be uploaded to our servers while using our app to ensure core functionality.

Android 4.4
Web Dashboard to monitor devices
File browser
Quick open URLs in Android
GPS-based location tracking
Linux terminal access
List installed packages through a Rest API
Direct access to your device by nickname (webkey.cc/yournick)

Android 5.0
All of the above, plus
Screen mirroring
Remote screenshot
Remote screen recording
Clipboard function
Full screen mode

For Samsung devices
All of the above, plus
Full remote control including touch and key events
Install/Remove packages
Touch position fix

For rooted devices
All of the above, plus
Full remote control including touch and key events
Install/Remove packages

Signed Webkey APK
All of the above, plus
Pre-installed Webkey client
Automatic Webkey app install after factory reset
Headless version
Configuration via intent (stop/start service, set fleet id, set server address)

How to get started?
1, Download and install the Webkey Client app to your Android device
2, Register to Webkey in the app
3, Go to www.webkey.cc in your web browser and login to your newly created account (alternatively, register on the Web)
4, You will find your device appearing on your Webkey Dashboard
5, Now you can start using Webkey to manage and control your device

Webkey user reviews :

Update: tldr; awesome app, responsive devs, costly but it’s got the features I want and is probably worth it. I wouldn’t have noticed the one off features for sale because well it says all features included in the free version but no worries. If im asking too much, then I’d say allowing me to switch out the ssl cert would be nice. And maybe like a keyboard only part?

  • Hello, we have a premium feature that allows a local network access: webkeyapp.com/en/premium-features/

just does not work.browser says.. “please check root permissions of webkey” . the phone is rooted, the app has root permission.but just an error message on the browser. also some basic instructions would be nice! even a description & explantion of what all the objects on the screens are.a basic how to get started with some examples. also i asked for a password reset.. the link they sent me, took me to a blank page (tried it on 3 different browser) .i.e. the webkey dashboard is just a blank page!

  • Hello Dan, sorry to hear that you had difficulties setting up Webkey. Would you mind sending us the email you’ve registered with, the name of your connected device and a couple of screenshots? Please use the info[at]webkey.cc address. We would highly appreciate your help and offer an extension of your free trial to 90 days! Thank you

I downloaded this app and it works when I do it, but after a while it starts showing offline on other devices. After that, despite repeated refreshes, it does not show online, due to which the screen does not show.

  • Hello Nikhil, Please send us technical queries to info[at]webkeyapp.com – in your message please include screenshots of the error and details regarding your device and the Android version you are using. Thanks

Control works better in legacy mode don’t need the higher resolution if the screen refreshes every 30 seconds lol. Thank you for bringing this back to life. I’ve missed this app!

  • Thanks Michael! I believe in previous review, you mentioned a question regarding the possibility of using Google pay. We may not be able to switch to that option just now, but we are considering it. In the meantime, could you please send us an email to info[at]webkeyapp.com so that we can work out a solution for you? Thanks!

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