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Loóna is the first app that lets you take care of your mind and body wellness with the help of intractive coloring sessions, breathing exercises, positive affirmations, and bedtime stories and gets you in the right mood to sleep soundly.

Not exactly. Loóna isn’t a list of direct “go-to-sleep” techniques, but rather a mood-altering app. Stay calm during the day by listening to ocean waves and wind sound, prepare yourself to fall asleep easily in the evening with the help of storytelling and coloring.

Negative emotions we accumulate during the day are processed and consolidated by our brain during sleep making them more difficult to disassociate from when faced again in the future. Moreover, feeling angry, anxious, down, or, the opposite, excited, and elated, is likely to affect latencies to sleep onset and REM-sleep. People mistake it for the symptoms of a sleep disorder, but in reality, they just may be in the wrong mood to sleep well.

From the wake up and during the busy day Loóna will support your emotional states with playlists and immersive stories. Each night you’ll have a recommended escape. An escape is a guided session that bundles together CBT, activity-based relaxation, storytelling and sleep sounds in a unique way. Complete it to shut the frantic world out, relieve anxiety, reset your mind, and create the perfect mood for sleep. Focus on calming activities to stop ruminating and quiet your racing thoughts.

Mastering sleep meditation techniques requires a lot of patience and time. Starting your Loóna journey is as easy as playing a relaxing game for just 15 minutes a day.

Does it help with Insomnia?
87% of Loóna users reported improvement in sleep quality after 14 days of use. Escape sessions help users beat insomnia and fall asleep fast.

Loóna uses dimmer, warmer colors that are less likely to suppress melatonin. While the session of coloring itself has been shown to have a calming effect and can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can also improve sleep quality. Additionally, focusing on coloring can help distract your mind from the stresses of the day and promote a sense of mindfulness and relaxation.

Incorporating Loóna into bedtime routine helps decrease time spent on scrolling social networks. Because scrolling social networks before bedtime exposes you to bright screens and blue light, which can suppress melatonin production and interfere with your sleep-wake cycle.

What do you get:
70+ interactive sleepscape journeys and relaxing games for sleeping
immersive bedtime stories for adults
music to relax, calm down or focus
nature sounds including rain sounds and ocean waves, wind, brown noise or white noise and for tinnitus relief
lullabies to help you put your kids to bed
breathing exercises
gentle alarm clock
affirmations and motivational quotes

Terms of service: loona.app/terms
Privacy policy: loona.app/privacy

Loona user reviews :

This app is fantastic in terms of quality and effectiveness. The escapes are mostly interesting and they are the perfect thing for someone with adhd to do to assist in falling asleep. However it doesn’t take long to run out of new ones, and you can only re-do the older ones so many times before you get tired of the same old thing. For the price of the app, there needs to be a far larger selection, updated much more frequently. Will be canceling my subscription.

  • Many thanks for sharing how you feel about Loóna Do know that this feeling is mutual Loóna app is an ever-growing universe and we are adding new content every month. Please worry not, we’re working relentlessly on new escapes, immersive stories, and music so you can immerse yourself into the land of dreams

Used to like it. The recent update, however, blow up my data usage. I used the music for my post lunch meditation outdoor, so I don’t have wifi. In addition, the music stops a few minutes in. I have been forced to Headspace. Also, they added an annoying quiz at the beginning. I like the story, which is what got me to initially signed up for the app, but now I mostly use the music. The recent update made this app unusable.

  • Hi I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced this. We really want to help Please write to our support wizards at hello[at]loona.app indicating “Yumise Lunar GP” in the subject field so they can take a closer look and help you return to Loóna’s Dreamworld in no time

Totally worth the price! The escapes are amazing, especially if you like paint by number apps, it’s that, but 3D + a narrated story with it. Fantastic to do 1-2 before bed to unwind. They have tons of them and I’m obsessed!  The music is calming and lovely and if you’d rather listen to environmental sounds like a city at night, a forest in summer, the ocean, etc., you have several options. There are stories, meditation, etc. + they upload new content often. I highly recommend! 10/10

I really like Loona, it’s the first sleep app that actually works for me. I like the ambient that’s a combination of different things and you can’t tell when something is looping. That being said there seems to be a recent problem playing music, the first 30 days I had it I had no issues, but now it stops after listening for 5 min and it’s been that way for almost the last month, so I haven’t used it often, which stinks because I’m paying for the year. I hope it gets fixed.

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