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Muscle Booster Workout PlannerThe workout planner by Muscle Booster is a workout app for men – try daily workout routines, hit your target zones, lose weight, and build muscle.

Want to work out at home or hit the gym? Trying to lose weight or want to build mad muscles? The workout planner will create a custom training plan focused on your target areas and guide you through the right number of sets & reps.


Choose your main goal – weight loss, shredding, or muscle gain
Select target areas – full-body, arms, core, abs, pecs, belly, legs, chest, or shoulders
Set your fitness level – from beginner to professional athlete

Whether you want to choose a body weight workout at home or get started with the gym equipment, Muscle Booster will help you to tone your body and build muscle.

The algorithm will create a personalized workout routine – a combination of cardio, strength training, and recovery exercises to maximize your results.

You can always change the difficulty of your training. The workout plan will be updated based on your progress and feedback each week.

The plan for gym & home workout training sessions includes: bodyweight workouts, no equipment workouts; exercises for abdomen, planks & jumps, HIIT, tricep dips, endurance sets, jump squats; aerobic exercises, push ups, crunches; burpees, ab workouts, gymnastics, jumping jacks, bodybuilding, upper body workouts, and strength training.


Looking for a gym app? Muscle Booster is a great alternative to a gym trainer. The workout builder feature will generate the perfect gym workout, just choose:
Equipment – dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell, bench or other gym equipment
Training duration – go from a 7 minute workout up to a full 60 minutes
Target zones – work out on your focus areas or choose a full body workout

Get a gym workout plan designed by professional fitness coaches. Follow the exercise guides and build muscles.


Want to find a suitable home workout for men and build muscle at home? The home workout planner is here for all your needs. You can choose body weight workouts with no equipment or choose dumbbells, a kettlebell, or whatever you have at home.

Do quick workouts at home every morning if you want to build a long-term habit.


Want to gain muscle and strength with a workout app for men? Muscle Booster contains workout routines for all muscle groups and fitness levels, from beginners to advanced.

The workout app for men by Muscle Booster is a great choice for home and gym workouts. Take on the challenge, get stronger, gain muscle and change your life with our workout planner.

Muscle Booster Workout Planner user reviews :

Nice app could be better. It would be nice if you didn’t have to leave your phone screen on. The workout pauses if your screen goes black. Also if it would tell you what workout is next. Some exercises I know how to do already so it’s nice to hear when to start and stop and how many reps but I don’t need to keep my screen on for the set. Other than that it’s a great app you can switch exercises shows you how to do the exercise.

  • Hello, thank you for reaching out! Could you please send some more details to our support team? Please use our contact details in the app’s description. Thank you!

Pretty good for quick workouts. Missing the ability to add resps to sets and edit weight for certain workouts. Also need the ability to save workouts for the ability to use later. Always generates a new workout routine. Even when you go back to looking at old workouts, it’s something different from what was originally generated. Hard to track what was done. If it changes, then I’ll update my rating.

  • Hi there, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! That what helps us keep on improving the app

Good app but if it crashes, you cannot start from where you left off. It does not allow you to go back one step. Also the step counter is pretty much usless without a clunky phone in your pocket. Would be great if it integrated with a watch. That being said the workout routine works good for me. Used this app a bit more and I believe the ” back one step” issue was with my mobile device and not the app. So I’m going to give this app 5 stars. Enjoying it.

  • Hey, thanks for reaching out! We’re sorry that you were faced access problems. The update with a fix is already available, so make sure you update the app to the latest version! Have a good day

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