Lost Bubble – Crush the evil forces

[Game] Lost Bubble

Lost Bubble  Get ready for the most exciting Bubble Shooter of all time!

Everything you love about bubble shooter games and much more! Just Like a Candy!

Crush the evil forces and save the world from the dark mist together with the good witch Light Sentinel! Get rid of Pandora’s Boxes in the levels by popping bubbles, but keep in mind that your moves are limited and you must not hit Pandora’s Box. Play this addictive bubble shooter game to test your puzzle solving skills. It’s fun and simple to play, but it will take time and skill to become a bubble pop master!

Unlock new episodes, and embark on amazing journeys in mysterious lands. Play now to enter a world full of mysteries, magic and adventures and of course difficult obstacles set by the witches of the Dark World. Pop bubbles and help Light Sentinel defeat the Witches of the Dark World!

Fun Guaranteed!

Key Features:

More than 1600 levels with unique layout and challenges
Simple and addictive gameplay!
20+ Unlockable Magic Orbs to help you during your adventure
Compete with your friends and help each other with additional lives and coins
Constant free updates with new features, new levels in mysterious locations
Pop bubbles and discover more worlds and magic than you have ever imagined in a bubble shooter game
No ads to interrupt you while playing

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Lost Bubble user reviews :

I like this game, but it is very frustrating,and annoying. Do not have spare money to make game easier. I left game for a long time because I could not beat level, and I have returned and still cannot beat level. Just as well there is different levels to play, or I would give up again.

Love this game. But I lost it on my tablet and had to doesn load it again and start from the beginning. I was on a high level.

I am stuck on 1337 because there are not enough bubbles to get to the top. Some that are simple you give too many bubbles and the ones that are very hard you cannot get through. Been stuck on this one way too long and am considering discontinuing

this is the very first game i ever downloaded when i got my first cell phone. i was addicted then and even more now. great game. ive recruited a couple friends recently and they too are hooked

Very addictive! But I enjoy it greatly. It has become part my daily routine. Still playing after many years!!! So many I can’t remember!!!

The game on laptop is stuck, I ‘ve been trying to open the game and it’s not loading. I keep getting the message on the screen “Connection failed. Reload”. Internet connetion is ok since everything else is working fine. I sent an email reporting the problem but still no response.

I like the game but it is very frustrating when you can’t win a level for over 6 weeks. I know it has to be challenging but some levels are ridicules. It is also very frustrating when you shoot one direction it goes the other way, or it shoots several in a row and you haven’t even put your finger back on to shoot again. I like the challenge but some levels are very very frustrating and makes it not fun to play.

So hard for me to clear all the bubbles,, it seems to take forever. I do miss seeing the spider that you used to have to get past. Otherwise, good game.

This use to be a great game but since the update I’ve lost all my progress over the past year and only have access to the daily challenge! The app is now glitchy making it frustrating rather than an enjoyment to play. Lost so many crystals over a period of time and kept complaining but can only get them back if saved via facebook. What was a relaxing game has become a chore not worth doing.

Best bubble shooter ever! I remember playing this in 2013, not long after it first came out. I got years of enjoyment out of it. About a week or so ago I felt the need for a bubble pop game & remembering enough specific details about the one I’d favored years ago I found it. I was pleasantly surprised by the improved familiar visuals & the fluidity of movements. Lost Bubble is still the BEST of its genre I’ve ever played! Thanks for providing so much enjoyment over the years!!

Although I really enjoy this game, I find it VERY frustrating in that there is little explanation for 1. What the extra helps do. 2. There’s a new symbol on the far left (3 flames). I have no idea what it does. 3. What does the “daily” lucky numbersdo, if anything. And, 4. It is next to impossible to get extra crystals, outside of buying them. I realize the treasure chests help, but I wish you could purchase them with points or something. I find myself with 250,000 points, but no crystals .

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