Love Eternal Wishes – Uncover the truth behind your unique powers

[Game] Love Eternal Wishes

Love Eternal WishesBeware the allure of wishes. The price may be higher than you imagine.

You’re a gifted Wisher with a mysterious past, embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind your unique powers. Along the way, you’ll form deep connections with a diverse cast of characters, including the enigmatic Prince Asher, the compassionate Rowan, and the rugged protector Stone. As you navigate a world filled with ancient curses, dark secrets, and powerful magic, you’ll grapple with questions of identity, redemption, and the true nature of love. With each wish granted and each memory uncovered, you’ll inch closer to unraveling the mysteries that bind your fate to those around you.


Asher — The Cursed Royal

Don’t mistake my distance for indifference. I’m just protecting you from the curse that haunts my every step.

Asher, the enigmatic Prince, is burdened by an ancient curse that has shrouded his life in suspicion and fear. With the ability to control his beastly transformations, he carries a royal heritage tainted by dark magic. As Asher’s path becomes intertwined with yours, growing darkness threatens to consume him, forcing Asher to confront a dire choice that could change everything.

Rowan — The Apostate

My sigil may attract darkness, but I’ve learned to wield it as a weapon against the very things that once enslaved me.

Rowan, the exiled Magister and apostate, has lived a tumultuous life marked by rebellion and redemption. His past as an anarchist wizard haunts him, but his journey toward self-discovery and transformation is anchored by his intelligence, compassion, and unwavering desire to help those in need. Yet secrets from his dark past threaten to resurface, and you’re left wondering if he can truly escape the shadows that pursue him.

Stone — The Rockheart

My scars aren’t just on the surface. They run deep, but if anyone can understand them, it’s you.

Stone, the enigmatic gargoyle humanoid, is a complex character with a tragic past. His family and village were destroyed by a malevolent Wisher, leaving him as the sole survivor. Blaming himself for the loss of innocent lives, Stone’s rugged and distant demeanor conceals deep emotional scars. Can you truly heal the wounds that haunt him?

Love Eternal Wishes user reviews :

This is my all time favourite app whenever I feel a need to dive into a world full of my handsome heros it’s just amazing i am playing genius inc games for 2 years and it had been a mind blowing game for me and or others to who are obsessed with theses fictional romance Keep up with good work you are really a genius just like your name

This story was awesome. Characters were handsome. There were lots of twist and turns in the story. Loved the whole game….

It’s been so sooo long since you’ve written such heartfelt and angsty story. This one genuinely surprised me and it basically owns my heart. That’s all I have got to say. It’s been a while that a story literally made me shed tears on several occasions.

The designs are so odd… Especially Stone’s design; it’s way too modern for the time they’re in. The ending was super anticlimactic compared to what the rest of the story let on. What did make me happy was that there was five love interests and not just 3-4, although you have to pay for Cross and Lysander. I’ve been playing you guys’ games for a while now, and this was definitely not in the best of them but not the worst either.

Well I appreciate and story line is too good your hard work but Tokyo Rockstar graphics is amazing than this I hope you will make next game on normal high school please

That was good thanks

Loved the story

I love it so much.

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