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Lullaby of Demonia  Synopsis

As a merchant trading in interdimensional artifacts, you’ve garnered an eclectic clientele in your travels—one of whom just so happens to be the Emperor of the Demonic Astral Plane himself, Lucifer!

When misfortune strikes and you’re forced to throw yourself on his royal mercy, he has a proposition for you—work as custodian of his vast collection of relics in exchange for refuge and a means to earn your freedom. The only catch—you also have to serve as personal maid to his four capricious sons, the Princes of Pride, Greed, Lust, and Envy.

As you adjust to life in a palace ruled by sin, will you be able to resist temptation when the princes vie with each other not just for your heart, but for possession of your very soul?


Alastor, Prince of Pride
“Come tend to your prince, and remember how lucky you are to be in my service. Any other mortal would kill for the chance.”

Eldest of the princes and heir apparent to the throne, Alastor is arrogance personified—though not lacking a certain brash charisma of his own. The burden of responsibility weighs heavy on his haughty shoulders, though, and there are indications of grief buried deep in his past…

Will you delve into the very heart of his troubles and help him become a true leader?

Malthus, Prince of Greed
“Everything comes at a price, if you’re willing to pay…”

Always a picture of calm and composure, Malthus turns his sharp intellect toward every challenge like a banker weighing matters on a set of cosmic scales. Almost nothing in his reach has exceeded his grasp so far, but what does it mean when he sets his eyes on taking possession of the throne itself?

Will you check his rapacious tendencies and enlighten him on where his true values lie?

Ifrit, Prince of Lust
“You’re cute when you’re trying so hard. How about taking a break, huh? I know a few ways to relax…”

Hedonistic to the point of self-destruction, Ifrit embodies carnal pleasure as head of the incubus and succubus hordes. When all day, every day is a rock’ n’ roll party, even the most gratifying tunes eventually grow old, leaving him wanting more…

Will you resist his ardent advances long enough to school him in matters of the heart?

Valec, Prince of Envy
“You better not bore me… I only keep interesting playthings around.”

Youngest of the princes and often unruly well below his years, Valec spends most of his time skulking in the shadows cast by his older brothers, neglected if not forgotten. However, when passions fan childish mischief into teenage rebellion, this young princeling may just find himself in the spotlight after all…

Will you guide him past the pitfalls of unbridled jealousy toward a place of inner peace?

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Lullaby of Demonia user reviews :

I love love love this. The artwork is amazing, the story is fantastic but I’m sure I’m not the only one…can you PLEASE make Lucifer an option? Compared to his sons he is just WAY more appealing, kind of like what you did with the Blood Moon series in the second season. Hopefully in Season 2 we can see this. I would pay money for it. Please consider it. Thanks!

It was like WOW!! Loved it so much!! The MC is awesome! The characters are all so good, cool, romantic and everything. The storyline is amazing!! The music, the art work and the dialogues are beautiful, funny, romantic and speechless!! The romance dialogues really made me blush .. it was very realistic. This game was perfect!! I wasn’t disappointed for a single moment. I am waiting for another new game. And I know there is a season 2, please make it as soon as possible. Thank you so much!!

it’s a good game I love it love the characters and the stories are amazing one problem is the gem and the points isn’t so easy to get in lucky 7 not so easy to get more points and there is an add but the count down is 4h and not all is rich to just buy the gems I’m an inpatient person but trying my best to reach the ending of the story

I really love this game The plot is amazing so are the characters. But… it’s kinda expensive and i hate that all good choices require diamonds. I request you to add a few more mini games. But overall it’s amazing

Okkk, this is a 5:D First I love the plot twist about Valec and Ifrit, second I love the mysterious endings [I feel like this game needs a season 2 :)] third the characters and how they act, also how some characters have their greatest desire. Lastly at the first part of the app, we can choose our hair color. Soo yep that’s all:D Please I think we need a Season 2

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