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[Game] Luna Rebirth – Idle MMORPG

Luna RebirthJoin the beloved LUNA universe with adorable Q-version characters and stunning 3D visuals. Experience the excitement of a fantasy MMO filled with epic battles. Embark on a fresh adventure in the blue land with your friends!

The popular national-level LUNA official IP is back!
Experience the return of the classic Luna IP! Adorable Q-version characters recreated, with all races featuring fresh new looks! Prepare for thrilling 3D MMO battles in a fantastical world! Join your friends on an exciting adventure!

Choose Your Class, Unleash Your Potential: Pick from 5 unique classes and develop your character. Join forces with friends to train together and become the ultimate warrior or masterful mage. Unlock a variety of equipment and skills to enhance your power. With idle development, you can hang up and collect rewards at any time, making gameplay easy and enjoyable!

Unlock Map Adventures, Conquer Bosses: Explore a captivating fantasy continent and take on thrilling challenges, including epic battles against bosses. With automatic combat, you can dive right into the action. Form a team and embark on exciting adventures with your friends!

Collect Fashion, Define Your Style: Express your inner fashionista with thousands of gorgeous outfits to choose from. Not only do they look stunning, but they also offer attribute bonuses. Enhance your beauty and strength simultaneously. Find the perfect fashion ensemble that suits your taste!

Adorable Q Pets, Loyal Companions: Synthesize fragments to summon cute and lively pets. Train them in various attributes and watch them provide valuable support in battle. Your loyal companions will be there by your side, backing you up on your thrilling adventure journey!

Multiple Battle Modes, Unleash Your Skills: Challenge the world’s top players alongside your friends. Climb the trial tower and defeat layers of monsters to prove your strength. Enter the hall of heroes and compete against players from around the globe.

Luna Rebirth user reviews :

Eh. I’m not interested in how long it takes to wait through fight after fight. There is no strategy available after you get a 4-hero team, because you’re just collecting idle resources and praying for good gacha drops. Spells are level locked and additionally require a resource you won’t find out about until you level up. The first day is a fun little rush to see how far you can get, and then it’s just boring. It’s supposed to be boring so there’s room for incentive to buy more progress. No thx.

Updated: Gave it an extra star for the attempt of support to help recover my account. Account got lost, was told to reinstall game repeatedly, progress and purchases lost, same response from support each time via here or contact us. Not really in the mood to start a new idle game that I’ll have to restart constantly at this rate(Does SUCK, buying a package or two and being told indirectly you don’t get to use it, but thanks for the 15 bucks.keep trying, while your 30 days ticks away fool)

  • Hello, adventurer. For your issue, please reinstall the game to see if you can log in via guest to find it back. If it can’t help, it’s possible you have bond with it. You can try again to log in via Google or email. Hope this will help you.

I did enjoy the game until the most recent maintenance update now when ever i open the app , I’m met with an infinite loading screen. I’ve tried waiting, and I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling so far nothing seems to work. If this is fixed, I’d probably rate this 5 star.

Granted, I’ve only been playing for an hour so far, but this is disappointingly average. Just another generic idle game. Maybe even worse than generic because you have zero customization options when you create a character, which the job system does not make up for in any real way. Honestly, it just feels like a lazy cash grab.I imagine most of us will play for a day or so before we drop it.

The game looks pretty and is a nod to Luna Online, an amazing mmo in its glory days. This game, however, is lacking. It’s like every other auto run / auto play game, except its rewards are mostly locked behind watching ads. Login reward, gotta watch an ad. Ulala is more enjoyable as it won’t throw ads for everything to claim by act 2. Beautiful looking game, just the lack of auto battle, and most rewards Locke behind ads kills it for me. 2/5

  • Hello player. Thank you for your feedback. We feel sorry for your unpleasant game experience due to the AD system. We’ll continue to optimize the game content to satisfy the different requirements of our players. If you have any good ideas, please don’t hesitate to tell us via in-game Support. Thank you.

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